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Life may seem to be a little scary at the moment, with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) doing the rounds. We’re all having to be careful and to protect each other from unnecessary risk. It saddens me to think of those at higher risk, with autoimmune conditions, existing respiratory conditions and the elderly, along with their families and friends who will surely be worried and anxious about their safety. It’s a global pandemic and things will be very different for a while.

My thoughts are with all those who are and will be affected by it.

Now that schools have closed and many adults are either looking after their youngsters, or having to stay indoors, they will need to find ways of entertaining themselves. I imagine people will be taking up hobbies, binge watching programmes they haven’t seen yet and even doing things around the house!

I decided to produce a colouring in sheet for children and actually anyone who is young at heart and enjoys colouring books. All you need to do is right-click on on the last image in this post and choose to save to a folder on your computer.

I’d love to see photographs of your completed image on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – use the hashtag #colouringwithemmajayne or my instagram handle, @emmajayne_designs. I’d love to share them on my social media and see the wonderful colours you decide to use.

You can colour the Pegasus Unicorn colouring in sheet either with coloured materials or transfer it to your ipad or Android tablet and add colour that way! You’ll need an appropriate app to do it on your tablet, if you haven’t already got one.



To download the image below, right-click on it and choose Save Image As/Save Target As. Then, choose a folder to save it to on your computer.

You can then either print it out to colour it in, or send it to your tablet (you’ll need a suitable painting app for that).

The downloaded image will be A4 size.

Printable image - A4, 300dpi

This is a large download of around 3MB, so it may take a minute or so to downlaod, depending on your connection speed.

I hope you enjoy coloring in your Pegasus Unicorn and I very much look forward to seeing your efforts on social media
#colouringwithemmajayne   |   @emmajayne_designs

This image is free for you to use and colour in but please remember that copyright is mine, so you may not claim it as your own work and you may not use it to make money.

Thank you kindly!


Emma Jayne x


Christmas stocking filler ideas



As you may already know, I mainly sell wall art prints in my etsy shop. Over the past few months, I’ve been adding additional items, which I think will be suitable ideas for Christmas stocking fillers. These range from notebooks, stickers, temporary tattoos and my latest editions, which are natural and hand made soap bars (vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly!). 

Here are what you can find in etsy shop.

Christmas stocking filler ideas

A6 Hand painted floral notebooks

These A6 floral notebooks come as a pair. They have blank paper inserts and are a perfect size to fit into your handbag. 

Wildcat vinyl stickers

There are three different coloured cheetahs in each vinyl sticker set. 

Pocket mirrors

Cute round mirrors with different coloured animals on the reverse.  

Cute kitty ceramic brooch

Handmade kitty cat ceramic brooch, made from air dry clay, then painted and layered with a protective varnish finish. 

Ocean temporary tattoos

Fun ‘Ocean’ themed temporary tattoos. 

Natural hand made soap bars

These handmade soaps come in three varieties – Orange & Grapefruit, Tea Tree & Turmeric and Aloe Vera. All have natural ingredients and each soap have different skin benefits, as well as being good for the environment. 

Assorted A6 prints 

Assorted A6 prints, which are pretty cute really! 


I recently collaborated with TishWish, who make customised tissue paper & labels, as well as custom compostable mailers. 

All their products are made from 100% recycled materials and are also 100% recyclable too. Most are 100% compostable, so if you leave them in the soil, they’ll be gone within 6 months without any harmful residue. 

So if you fancy sending parcels with your very own customised tissue paper for gifts for example, try TishWish. Alternatively, if you have a small business and want your products to have a professional touch, the tissue paper and labels (that I used) will be perfect for this. You can get a 5% discount using the code EMMA5. 

You can see their environmentally friendly packing on: Facebook, instagram and Pinterest

I went for a kitty garden theme, with pink red and white colour scheme. I’m really happy with the outcome and my customers love the design too! 

Hope you find what you’re looking for and bye for now!

Emma Jayne x







Tasty new chocolate bars




I’d like to share with you two very new products for Sweet Theatre, which besides looking great, they also taste yummy too! I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out and think they look fab 🙂

I created two patterns which have been used for confectionery wrappers. They fit in nicely within the autumn season i.e. type of vegetables as well as the colours.

So far my hubby and I have tasted the Honey Glazed Carrot, which has a lovely smooth and creamy consistency, along with a surprisingly interesting texture. We’ve yet to try the Pumpkin Pie version and I like how the packaging comes in two different coloured backgrounds – ecru and a burnt orange colours.

Here are some closeup shots of the chocolate bars.

Tasty new chocolate bars

I really love the idea of combining sweet tasting vegetables with chocolate. I’d say, they’re a pretty healthy treat, don’t you think! 😉


Emma Jayne x