Updated online portfolio




It’s taken some time but I’m super thrilled to show you my, updated online portfolio! The last time I added design work was back in December 2016. Since then, I’ve been a busy bee, producing lots of yummy patterns and illustrations through online courses (Rise Design & Shine and MATS Bootcamp by Lilla Rogers), Deva Designs and for my agent, Brenda Manley.

My style has developed a lot over the past six months and I wanted my portfolio to represent this. Also, I’ve selected pieces that I love and have proved to be popular on social media i.e. instagram, Facebook and Twitter for example.  Going back six months, I felt that my previous portfolio showed varied styles. This isn’t such a bad thing, but I’ve been constantly working with different techniques, materials and colours, that over time, a style has just emerged.

In my portfolio, I have a mixture of illustrations and patterns. I’ve been designing patterns for a number of years and not so much illustrations, yet at present I’m loving the illustration side.

I’ve kept the site clean and simplistic in appearance, with lots of white space for the colours in my designs to stand out.  Before updating my portfolio, I did a bit of research to see what layout I preferred. Also, I wanted it to navigate showing collections. For example, each window has a thumbnail and then other designs follow within this collection. Although, not all the windows are like this, for some of the other designs are stand alone patterns or illustrations.

I’ll be adding new products soon in my Etsy shop and on Society6, which i’m currently working on. I’ll be sharing these with you in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Updated online portfolio


Here is a link for you to take a closer look – portfolio.emmajayne-designs.co.uk

* If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me through my portfolio website or by contacting my agent Brenda Manley Designs  😀


Thanks for stopping by, Emma Jayne x





Bohemian homedecor textile ranges




It’s important to keep up with the trends, don’t you think? They are a source of inspiration & ideas, and give a general direction into which something can develop.

One of my favourite looks (and one which I have noticed trending in interiors at the moment), is the bohemian look. I’m absolutely loving this theme and deep inside, I’ve discovered that I’m probably a bit of a hippie at heart! It’s funny when you suddenly see a ‘trend’ that you like, you then see it absolutely everywhere!

What I love about the bohemian trend in homedecor is how free spirited, individual and cultured it is. There are no rules and you can make your home as bespoke as you like; as long as the colours go well together. In particular, I love how people combine wood, IKAT textiles, old & new furniture, plants, craft and earthy tones within their living spaces. Here is a taster of what I found on Pinterest.



Within my portfolio of work for Printsource, I created a couple of bohemian homedecor textile ranges. Most of my recent work (which you will see if you follow me on social media), is all about the ‘summer theme’, so creating patterns for interiors was such a lovely change, because it’s mainly all about textures. The patterns I designed were inspired by batik and tie dye effects. I recreated these effects using watercolour and gouache paints, because I was working on paper, rather than fabric. I may try these techniques on fabric one day 🙂

Here are a few initial, painted patterned samples. I began working in blue, then changed some of the colours at a later stage in PhotoShop.



Bohemian homedecor textile ranges

Here are my two bohemian inspired homedecor collections. The first range has a bolder colour palette using blue and red tones.



The second has in my opinion much prettier, softer yet bold colours. I love this colour palette, however the first range is proving to be more popular on social media!


It has definitely been some time since I designed for home-textiles and I have thoroughly enjoyed creating them.

*Please refrain from using my work for your own purposes. If you’d like to feature my designs then please ask permission before doing so. Thank you!


Emma Jayne x