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I’ve decided to take part in this year’s 100 Day Project. Two years ago, I got to day fifty eight, so this time round, I’m hoping to complete the full one hundred days.

It definitely helps if you create artwork that you feel passionate about or generally take an interest in. For me, I’m very curious about the ocean. It is like a completely different world with the huge variety of life, so much of it is simply strange and beautiful. I won’t tell you what sea-life I am going to illustrate; you’ll just have to stay tuned and keep checking out what I post on social media. I will obviously be posting my progress here on my blog too.

There’s so much I don’t know about the ocean and I’ve already seen such an amazing variety of fish, with their beautiful colours and markings. It would be easy just to draw one fish per day, but I want to discover what else is in the ocean.

I will have to produce drawings whilst I work on live briefs and I often doodle first thing in the morning as a warm up, so I will use my doodle time for the 100 Day Project.

So far, I’ve drawn a mind map and documented what I’d like to begin with. I don’t like to plan too much, because I want to use this project as a way to discover. I prefer to see what happens next, as I find this way of working more exciting.

It’s good to think about what you plan to produce and why you’re doing the 100 Day Project. Below are a few fish and foliage doodles that I’ve already started with. I’ve also included my outline, parameters, supplies and overall theme. Please feel free to refer to these if you are contemplating on taking part in the project.


100 day project

100 days of the ocean


  • Use minimal resources
  • Limit time on each piece to one hour max
  • Post daily on instagram
  • Use the hashtag #The100DayProject
  • Add your own unique hashtag


  • Procreate
  • Gouache and ink


  • Ocean


  • Discover more about the ocean
  • To create everyday
  • To develop my style
  • To produce individual drawings
  • To produce interesting quick compositions


From the project, I aim to gather a resource of icons, which I’ll be able to use for future design work.Β  Therefore, besides individual images, you may see the odd composition where I’ve placed particular icons together to see how they work as an illustration for editorial or even children’s illustration work. It will be nice to part of a community again and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what other people produce too.

Will you be taking part and if so, have you decided on a theme for your 100 day project?


Emma Jayne x


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