A new apparel design



I’m currently working on a new apparel design, which I began drawing whilst on my mini holiday to Bath. I will be showing you some photos of that very soon! I was going to start designing after I returned, but had an overwhelming urge to be creative. So, what got my creative juices flowing? Quite simply, Bath is such a source of inspiration! It has so much stunning architecture and exquisite, boutique shops, and I just had to start drawing on what I saw each day. I hadn’t brought any resources with me, so I bought a range of graphic marker pens to get me started. Thank heavens for the art shop!

Marker pens are quick to use, and enabled me to produce drawings in the hotel room and even whilst travelling in the car! The only downside was that my range of available colours was limited. As I was drawing, I made notes on which colours would look good together. I could use those to direct me, once I got home and had other materials to hand; gouache, inks, watercolours etc.

I hadn’t created patterns for quite some time, and I felt a bit wooden when getting started. I know that my ideas and drawings will flow more as I continue.  This can often happen when starting a new project, even if I have some observational images to go from, for example, an inspiration board I put together before the initial drawings.

A new apparel design

These are my first set of drawings using graphic marker pens.


In this image I was inspired by the decorative scrolls on iron gates and the baroque style patterns. I also love the red and black colours, which have an oriental feel. To break up the deep colours, I added an assortment of green, yellow and pink shades. You can see that I’m thinking about composition too.



This composition is much more simple. I have placed a decorative scroll and large flower with smaller stylised flowers, introducing a tangerine shade as a colour to sit in between pink and yellow.



I think that butterflies and insects will look good, to sit with flowers and to add more interest to my design.



I want to add in some text into my design. I also intend to include one of my favourite flowers – peonies. Therefore, I used the Chinese meaning of peonies, ‘queen of flowers’, for the text. As you can see near the top of this sheet, I am experimenting with a font style for my logo.



This composition has a definite oriental feel with the colours (red and black), the main large flower shape and the ‘flower queen’ font.  However, I’m not too happy with the thick red outline around the text. It’s much too heavy!



This is a quick peonie drawing. I’ve tried to blend in the colours within the petals and play around with detailing i.e. dots around the red swirl and the centre of the flower.

The next stage, after producing these initial studies, is to do more research, as I want to include more objects in my design. I also want a stronger colour palette, tightly drawn images and even perhaps more oriental and/or Victorian influences. I will do these in my next set of compositional drawings.



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