Autumn Illustrations



Autumn is here and I’m loving the change of colours – browns, oranges, yellows, rusts and warm greens. I’ve seen yellow and orange leaves but not red ones just yet!ย  What I have mainly seen whilst going for walks are mushrooms. I saw a beautiful red capped mushroom, the Fly Amanita, the other day and it stood out against the green leaves. I’ve not seen this type before, only on Pinterest and in fairytale books! In this blog post I want to share with you a few autumn illustrations, inspired by my country walk in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

Autumn is the time when you know the summer has come to an end. The days begin to shorten and the climate is a tad cooler.ย My daughter dislikes the autumn and winter months mainly because of the long nights and cold temperatures. I’ve tried to get her to look at the beauty of (starting with) autumn, when you see the scattering of crunchy leaves on the ground, the display of green trees, conkers, as well as the array of mushrooms and tiny insects. It’s the time of year when you can also find an excuse not to go out at the weekends and snuggle up on the sofa, watching a movie and snacking on freshly cooked popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. Mmmmmm…..

I’m actually feeling relieved that the summer is over after our heatwave back in May and June. I know it’s been a while but the heat was so intense and I remember not being able to cool down for days. To know that the climate will be steady (I hope!) will be comforting.

Here are a few photos I took whilst walking round Marbury Country Park, Cheshire. It was a source of inspiration for my autumn illustrations.



Here are my autumn illustrations inspired by my country walk.

Autumn Illustrations


Autumn isn’t over yet and I have plenty more ideas and you can see more of my autumnal ideas on instagram.


Emma Jayne x

*Please refrain from using the above photographs and illustrations. If you’d like to share my images, please credit myself Emma Jayne. ๐Ÿ™‚



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