Baby animal illustrations for giftwrap




What a couple of weeks I’ve had! I’ve been balancing a few design and personal projects, hence no blog post for last week. Apologies for that! I’ve decided to enter this year’s Global Talent Search and I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with extra design work, which I’ve been doing in the evenings and at the weekends. My social life has recently taken a nose-dive, as you can imagine.  However, I’ve finally submitted my design today. Yeay and hurrah! The deadline is on Friday 12th August, so I’ve completed and entered in good time. I’ll look forward to showing you some of my drawings in a few weeks from now.

In my daytime design job, I’ve been creating lots of yummy, wrapping paper designs. I’m currently covering for maternity leave at Deva Designs and I’m absolutely loving it! Creating patterns and illustrations is my passion, so I am completely in my element!

I want to share with you a few baby animal illustrations for gift wrap, that I’ve produced at Deva Designs. For now, I’ll show you the initial drawings and when the designs have gone into production, I’ll be able to show you the actual wrapping paper. I don’t have many children’s designs in my portfolio, currently, so these will be an excellent contribution. I wanted my baby animals to demonstrate a ‘fun’ look and decided to create the characters using collage and ink. They have a simple, yet naive feel about them, which tend to be popular for younger children’s designs. You’ll see drawings for both girl and boy designs.

Baby animal illustrations for giftwrap








I do hope you like them! I’ll be posting more of my design work at Deva Designs, so stay tuned!


Emma Jayne x