Best designs of 2017



Happy New Year and wishing you a joyous and successful 2018 in what ever you do! This post is a recap of what I’ve achieved in the last year, including my best designs of 2017. I will also share with you some goals I have set myself for 2018.



It has been a busy 2017. In January, I created a logo and a series of bird illustrations for Chester Zoo. I finished nearly twelve months’ work at Deva Designs in April, where I was designing gift wrap and accessories. I then engaged the services of my current agent, Brenda Manley, and created patterns and illustrations for the BluePrint and Surtex shows, amongst other things. Brenda has represented me at those shows and there are another two to come Heimtextil and Printsource, in about a week’s time. In October, I was commissioned by Chairman Mom to produce a set of illustrations to be used in communications, and in December was commissioned to paint a Christmas family portrait. In between all these, I’ve done a number of smaller, creative jobs.

One of my goals for 2018, is to work more in illustration. I’m getting a much better feel for one-off drawings, which work well for editorial pieces. I’ve always wanted to illustrate an children’s book and I’ll need to have more children’s characters in my portfolio for that. It would be rather cool to have my own home decor range as well. I think that’s enough to start with, as I don’t want to give myself too many goals! It’s at least worth a try to have a go at them all and see which of these areas I most enjoy and am most suited to.

Spending more time with family and friends is something I’d like to do more of, as well as exercising, eating healthily and balancing work & personal life better. These are things that I usually start off with at the beginning of each year but often lose sight of them as the year goes on. This year, I aim to make sure I stick with them. In fact, it’s a must!! I am also going to find out if there are any creative workshops in my area. It can get lonely working in my little studio during the day and it’s always refreshing to have a break and take part in different activities.

Here are my best designs of 2017

Best designs of 2017


I’ve selected a range of designs which have been most popular on social media i.e. instagram, twitter and Facebook. They’re mainly produced traditionally and the most recent work was done in Procreate.

On reflection, I’ve noticed that my work consists of both orange and pink colours as well as green tones, and black for outlining and detailing.  So, during 2018, I will concentrate on using different colour combinations and experiment with line too. I may do some painting with gouache, watercolour and ink or even mark making, and will experiment with different tools, as well as using my new favourite app, Procreate.

I’d like to thank you so much for all your lovely support, comments and likes over 2017. They keep me motivated whilst I’m designing at my desk. I very much look forward to sharing more new work during 2018. Exciting times are ahead!


Wishing you all an amazing and magical 2018!

Emma Jayne x