Bonfire Night illustration



I’d like to share a bonfire night illustration I recently created.

At the moment I’m into darker colours, whether that’s perhaps seasonal, because of the nights drawing in or I’m just steering away from brighter colours.

I love colour don’t get me wrong, but I’ve seen many illustrations where they’ve used brown and greys with brighter tones. I’ve actually always loved these colour palettes but not had the confidence to use these shades in my own work. Greys and browns have a calming effect and they harmonise yet contrast well with brighter colours I think.


Bonfire Night illustration


I’ve created a bonfire scene which gives a kind of warming effect. I love how the sky is busy with the exploding fireworks, yet on the ground, it’s chilled, with the fox sleeping near the warm smouldering bonfire.


Have a good bonfire night and stay warm & safe.

Emma Jayne x



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