Bright Agency’s 15th birthday picnic



I normally post my recent work and haven’t shared any photos for a while. Well I thought I’d show you something different, this time!

At the weekend, my husband and I were very excited to travel down to London for a picnic. We didn’t just drive all the way from Cheshire to south London to sit on a blanket, eat cake and sip lemonade, even though we did eat a couple slices of homemade cake, drink and sit on blankets!ย  The Bright Agency were celebrating their fifteenth year as a creative agency and we joined them in their celebrations.

I’ve been with Bright Agency for about eight months and I had never met any of the agency team and their represented illustrators, in person. It was lovely to meet them finally and to be able to put faces to the names of those with whom I have been communicating by email.

Many of the illustrators live around the UK, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet those who were able to get to the picnic. We got chatting about what inspires us and the various techniques we use in our illustrations etc.

It’s been a bit grey over the past couple of days but we were very fortunate that the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for a day on the common. You’ll be able to see in the photos how gorgeous the weather was! Besides eating, drinking, chatting, sitting on blankets and soaking up the sun, we played rounders. I think the last time I took part in rounders was at school!

Here are a few snapshots from Bright Agency’s 15th picnic event.

Bright Agency’s 15th birthday picnic

People mingling and the balloons that mark the occasion.

Just a few of the scrummy cakes.

Owner of Bright Agency, Vicki, giving her speech.

Bunting decoration really added a splash of colour at the picnic.

Me relaxing and taking in the sun rays.

Ah ha, caught in action. Neil per usual either eyeing up the food or alcoholic beverages!

More pretty decorations hanging from the trees.

Some of the illustrators that attended and who also took part in rounders, minus the little ones. By the way, we won the rounders match!

Neil and I take a quick selfie whilst no one was looking!


Emma Jayne x




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