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Tasty new chocolate bars




I’d like to share with you two very new products for Sweet Theatre, which besides looking great, they also taste yummy too! I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out and think they look fab 🙂

I created two patterns which have been used for confectionery wrappers. They fit in nicely within the autumn season i.e. type of vegetables as well as the colours.

So far my hubby and I have tasted the Honey Glazed Carrot, which has a lovely smooth and creamy consistency, along with a surprisingly interesting texture. We’ve yet to try the Pumpkin Pie version and I like how the packaging comes in two different coloured backgrounds – ecru and a burnt orange colours.

Here are some closeup shots of the chocolate bars.

Tasty new chocolate bars

I really love the idea of combining sweet tasting vegetables with chocolate. I’d say, they’re a pretty healthy treat, don’t you think! 😉


Emma Jayne x



New colourful prints on Etsy



I hope you’re all keeping safe and well! I’ve recently added three new colourful prints on Etsy, which mainly consist of butterflies. Butterflies can symbolise endurance, change, hope and life, and perfect for sending out positive thoughts during this crazy time!

New prints on Etsy

I’ve titled the first design, “Butterfly Hands”. I love that the hands open, allowing the butterflies to fly free.  The thought of letting go of negative feelings, feels so uplifting and liberating.

Butterfly Hands


The second design, “Holding Hands”,  depicts a pair of hands, with fingers intertwined. During this time, we can sometimes feel lonely because it’s harder to see friends and family. At the beginning of the pandemic, feeling isolated was probably most prominent if you lived alone or lived far away from people you loved. Again I’ve added butterflies and a small bunch of flowers.

Holding Hands


The third design is titled, “Pretty Butterfly”. This is just a single decorative butterfly surrounded with pretty flowers.

Pretty Butterfly


* I’d like to just mention to people ordering from the US, that due to the current US postal service situation, you may experience a delay in receiving your orders.

Frankie magazine feature

I’m delighted to announce that I had a little feature in Frankie magazine, issue 97! Frankie is one of my all time fave mags for creative inspiration. It’s always lovely to get a shout out and you’ll see they featured one of my owl prints!


Emma Jayne x