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Floral journal designs




Well, BluePrint and Surtex are now both over. It was really interesting seeing all the photographs on Facebook and Instagram, taken by other designers of their magnificent booths at the shows. Here are a few photographs taken by Alyssa Kays, who is also a designer represented by Brenda Manley.



Please excuse the quality; they were taken on Alyssa’s phone. I really do appreciate Alyssa taking these, allowing me to see what the designs and booths looked like  🙂


Whilst the show has been on in New York, I have been doing a bit of relaxing and doodling, creating personal artwork (with no client in mind – just for myself). It’s has been very rare for me to be able to do this recently, because all my artworking has been for the shows, so it’s been rather refreshing to doodle away.

I mentioned last time, about working on floral journal designs for Lilla Roger’s MATS Bootcamp, and I promised that I’d share my final pieces with you. For the brief, we were asked to produce one floral journal design, incorporating a quote by Gertrude Jekyll. I wasn’t familiar with this British gardener and was intrigued to find out more about her.

Altogether, I produced three different journal covers, but submitted only one (you’re only allowed to submit one design for the gallery). Here are the three designs, in chronological order.

Floral journal designs

This is my first design. I love the colours and bold shapes. Each design element is clearly visible; nothing seems to look lost within the composition. I wanted the flowers to be the primary focal point, rather than the quote. Hence Gertrude’s quote is positioned at the bottom of the journal cover.


My second design displays a pretty colour palette too. This time, I opted for a greenhouse with enlarged flowers. I think it has quite a quirky feel about it and decided not to include one of Gertrude’s quotes for this design. Were it a real book cover, the quotation would be placed on the back.


This is my final design, the one I decided to submit to the gallery. The colours are very different for me, yet I really like them. It looks more grown up, yet fun too. Along the spine you can see Gertrude’s quote. I think it looks perfect here, as it doesn’t draw the attention away from the main floral illustration.


Emma Jayne x



Floral inspiration




It’s not long now till the New York shows, Blueprint and Surtex.  Actually, I think I say this every time I blog or have done for the past couple of months or so! This will be my first time exhibiting in New York so naturally, I’m really excited to be taking part.

As you can imagine, I have been very busy producing work for the shows and still will be doing so over the next few days, until the shows are over. Afterwards, I’ll consider taking a mini break, just to relax my mind and take a breather, as we say on this side of the pond.

The artwork I have been producing most recently, is from the MATS Bootcamp course, run by Lilla Rogers. We have already nearly completed our third monthly assignment for this one. So, for month three, we were asked to produce a floral, journal cover. I haven’t done any florals for quite some time and was definitely up for this challenge.

We usually begin with a mini exercise and May’s mini was all about roses. As I was working on other artwork, I didn’t get to do any primary drawings. It didn’t bother me too much, as I work quickly and I actually prefer to do my research, produce initial drawings and then develop my ideas, all within a couple of days. Before starting on the final design, I prepared myself by gathering some floral inspiration and creating a moodboard. I’d like to share with you what I have collated for the assignment. It consists of a chosen colour palette, composition and flower ideas, as well as a range of techniques that I wanted to try out.

Floral inspiration


If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll notice that I love bold and pastel colours. As part of the brief, we were asked to work with darker tones, which initially, I was excited about, but with a little trepidation. I would like to expand my colour range, so it will be interesting to see how my designs look with a more sophisticated colour palette!

From the floral inspiration moodboard above, you can see that the colour scheme has  black, olive and khaki green shades, as well as a slate blue colour. Within this mix, I’ve added a few brighter colours because I don’t want to feel too much out of my comfort zone. Well, not all at once, anyway!

1_ Jonus Wood – Just love the shapes, colours and linear detailing.
2_ Dora M Batty – Beautiful composition and colours
3_ Maxine Sutton – Gorgeous abstract composition and silhouettes
4_ Zara kimono – Luscious colours and assortment of flowers
5_ Karl James Mountford – Lovely composition and controlled sketchy style
6_ Laura Kientzier – Exquisite painterly style and colours
7_ Ophelia Pang – Love the contrast in colours and leaf shapes
8_ perfectimperfectliving – Pretty flower shapes

I’ll keep you informed with how I get on at BluePrint and Surtex, and I will show you in a future post, the outcome for my floral, journal cover.

Emma Jayne x