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Barbecue dinnerware set designs




It’s been mad in my wee studio and a couple of weeks since I last posted. I’m still beavering away creating new designs for Surtex and BluePrint – which isn’t too far off now!

For the shows, I’ve been working on a range of themes, including Christmas, Halloween, children’s and food. It’s funny drawing Santa’s, snowflakes and snowmen for Christmas, in May.  We’ve had such lovely weather over the past seven days, and besides sipping cocktails, all I want to do when the sun gleams through my window, is to go outside. Although I certainly won’t get much designing done if I’m sat in the sun!! I have managed to avoid the distraction of the sunshine and have produced a lot of designs for the New York shows.

I’d like to share with you my barbecue dinnerware set designs, consisting of illustrations and patterns for plates, napkins and paper cups. This range is called ‘Fresh On The Grill’.

Barbecue dinnerware set designs

As you can see, I have played with the main illustration, placing it on different backgrounds, and have produced an all-over pattern, with more barbecue themed icons. The colours are pretty much gender neutral and would appeal to both male and female chefs – depending on who’s cooking and wearing the toque!


Hope you have a good week!

Emma Jayne x

*Please refrain from using my designs. If you want to use these for your own blog, please credit emmajayne-designs. Alternatively, you can purchase them through my agent Brenda Manley Designs. Thank you  :mrgreen:


BLUEPRINT and Surtex 2017 flyers




It’s all go in my little studio, with my preparations for the New York shows. BLUEPRINT and Surtex are fast approaching and I’m still creating new designs. I have yet to design my postcards, to be printed in the US, so keeping the delivery costs to a minimum. It feels like there’s still so much to do. However, pressure notwithstanding, I am very excited about exhibiting in New York, and I very much hope to impress clients with my portfolio of work!

I have designed a set of BLUEPRINT and Surtex 2017 flyers. Both are based on previous designs. My Surtex flyer is a progression of a design I did on the MATS A course, and my BLUEPRINT flyer makes use of a singing angel from the latest Rise Design and Shine course. Both are excellent courses and I would highly recommend giving them a go if you want to build on your existing portfolio.


BLUEPRINT and Surtex 2017 flyers





So far, I’ve shared my BLUEPRINT and Surtex 2017 flyers on Instagram. I know that many other designers are doing this to try maximise exposure. You can also see my Surtex flyer on the Rise design and Shine blog. My agent Brenda Manley,  has shared my flyer designs too.


Have a great week!

Emma Jayne x