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Our holiday in St.Ives

I have been on a few mini breaks this year, yet I was looking forward to my summer holiday the most!

I managed to drag myself away from my computer (have been super busy over the past few weeks with work) and take a few days break. Neil, Yasmin and I went to stunning St.Ives. I just love St.Ives. It is so different compared to Cheshire. Also you come back feeling super chilled (suppose you do with any holiday!) and I caught some sun rays too! I was very tempted to try surfing, however didn’t this time. Even though there was sunshine, at times the breeze got very cold.  It was fun watching the other guys ride on their boards in the waves.

Whilst we were there,we visited Penzance, Hayle,and Mousehole. Out of all of these places, my fave has to be St.Ives – the cobbled, winding streets, boutique clothing (love ‘Off the Beaten Track‘) and gift shops, cheeky seagulls, curved harbour and the selection of restaurants. I even tried a soft-shelled crab ‘burger’. When reading the menu, I imagined a fish cake pattie, made from crab meat. When I opened the bun to take a peek, it was actually a whole crab with the nasty bits taken out, covered in batter. It was not what I had expected and resembled a giant deep fried spider in a bun. It did taste good though! Neil and Yasmin had waffles,which were huge and smothered in chocolate and whipped cream.

I took plenty of pics and wanted to give them a retro sun-kissed look, like photographs from when I was little. I attempted this technique in Photoshop and found out how to create this look on Chris Spooner’s blog (quick tip, if you read that blog article – after creating the magenta layer, select this and the image layer together, then select all (Ctrl/Cmd A) and copy merged (Shift+Ctrl/Cmd A) before blurring. It is a step which seems to be missing form the article).

Overall, I am pleased with my first attempts and the effect it has given to the holiday snaps.


BEFORE PIC – Boats in St.Ives harbour




AFTER PIC – With the retro analogue effect



I wanted to give the illusion of my time in St.Ives a nostalgic feel and softened the background,as well as changing the levels and adding subtle hints of over exposure (red sections).





This pic has a yellow tint and definitely reminds me of photographs taken when I was younger. Digital cameras don’t have this effect,whereas older cheap cameras used film and so colour washes,light leaks and blurring were all common problems that appeared during the processing stage.



I have just added pink stains on this pic. On this particular day,the waves weren’t big enough. The poor surfers only managed to surf on smaller waves.



The colours in the clouds are lovely and I added a yellow tint where there was more light exposed through the opening of the clouds.



I added a gaussian blur to this pic and brought myself and Yasmin to the foreground,adding red tints to Yasmin’s hair and the background. Also brightening the central section between us both.



This pic is one of my faves. I have again blurred the background and focused on our faces,adding over exposure to outer sections.



This pic of Neil,I have added a yellow tint and some subtle red over exposed areas.



One of the cheeky seagulls!



Found this interesting looking building on one of the side streets in Penzance.



I love the softness in this pic. Again I brought the faces in the foreground and added a yellowish tint over the whole photograph using the levels in Photoshop.



Again,another soft focused pic where we are stood near the harbour in Penzance. The pink areas go well with the rest of the pastel shades in the background.

I will definitely try use this technique again and would like to experiment more with the over exposure areas.














Presentation_party invite



In between the paid jobs I have been doing for customers,  I have finally managed to find time to design the Summer Party invitation! It has been printed (double-sided) and distributed to a few of my daughter’s friends. Both sides are different in style, although I have used similar colours to provide design-consistency.


Front of invitation

I have used bright colours and palm trees that represent the fun and romanticism of foreign, beach summer holidays. For the graphic elements I designed a diamond shaped, central focus point which is made up of triangles. Looking at other dance club party invites, there seems to be a trend with this two dimensional shape. Smaller triangles were placed at the corners of the invitation to balance off the central section. The colours are pretty and eye-catching, yet not fluffy, in order to appeal to a teenage audience.


Back of invitation

The back mainly consists of information about what to bring to the party, i.e. essentials such as sleeping bag, PJs, toothbrush, change of clothes, shoes, makeup and sunglasses. The styling is illustrated, hand-drawn using pen. I then scanned in the illustrations and polished them in PhotoShop. My aim was to put more emphasis on the front of the invitation and to keep the back relatively clear with a white background. The images have bold black outlines and are filled with hints of colour. They are positioned in a loose grid format and have descriptions in grey, positioned underneath each illustration.


I took inspiration for this flyer invite design from They showcase a broad selection of flyers that you can download. Some are premium flyer designs you can buy and you can download others for free! I have been searching for some ideas for the summer party invitation and below is a small selection from which I took inspiration; especially the white text over the coloured background and the central layouts: