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Industry Report

Recently, I have been working on an industry report for a PR company and I have shown below, a range of pages below showing different elements from that report. These include; front cover, contents page, small diagrams, full page image, page numbers and text on a coloured background. The pages are a mixture of the client’s finished report and a couple of idea pages – front cover and full page image.

I took inspiration from a couple of sources, Behance and Designspiration, which I refer to a lot, to see a range of other designers’ work.

The client has strict brand-guidelines, which must be adhered to. For example, the colour palette consists of a combination of a lime green and primary red, along with more conservative colours i.e. grey and navy blue. This helps the consumer to enjoy reading the report, yet to keep in context that it is a professional, industry document. The client also wanted the text to be small (11pt) and justified so the outer margins looked neat.

The headings are centre aligned and the subheadings are left aligned. I added a rectangular red line near the footer, above each page number, which is used in the client’s logo. Positioned underneath each line and above the page number is the report title. All of these elements are centre aligned and balance with the headings.

As the report has a medical theme, I wanted the document to feel fresh, clean and clinical. I used lots of white space and the images have pale greens and blues in them. In contrast, I used black helvetica type, large headings and bold coloured shapes.

I did find displaying all the contributor’s logos a bit of a challenge on the front cover, because the client wanted them all sitting along the bottom. They are all different shapes – some are square and others have a graphic device and the company name. On my copy, I have displayed them in within a square.

Overall, I have enjoyed producing this report, especially working with lots of text and photographic images – which help add diversity to my portfolio at present.

Selected pages from the Industry Report

Report pages for blog


Wee bonny Scotland!



A trip to Edinburgh

After a busy couple of weeks, producing work, for a PR company in London and a homepage visual for an illustrator, I was so excited to go on a break and spend a few days taking in the scenery, history, food and getting some inspiration in Edinburgh.

The weather wasn’t fantastic all the time, yet there was sunshine and it definitely felt cooler than Manchester.

I felt the vibe of the friendly atmosphere and loved walking round the centre of Edinburgh and cutting through a few of the many steep alleyways, however I had eaten lots – mainly to give me energy (from all the walking) but didn’t get to try any haggis. Next time perhaps!

I stayed in the old part of Edinburgh, comprising boutique fashion shops, bars, pubs and restaurants, and I came across an art shop called The Red Room Gallery, selling affordable art! So far, in my blog, I have focussed mainly on illustration and surface design pieces with a bit of graphical work. Here, however, I have added a couple of graphic posters which I bought from the shop.

The Red Door Gallery is one of Edinburghs most distinctive and loved boutique art spaces. A melting pot of affordable artwork, indie prints, artists books, accessories, jewellery, homewares and artist cards. They also have an online shop.

The posters I bought:


Graphical poster


Other poster examples sold in the shop:





Some more artwork sold in the shop: