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Illustration Exhibition – Talya Baldwin



Carrying on from the fun fair theme, I came across some work by Talya Baldwin, whilst browsing on her site. Talya has used the fun fair theme style typography within some of her illustration work, yet they are hand-drawn.



I love how precise and clean the hand-drawn typography sits in the left hand corner, balancing the detailed pencil-drawn elephant in the bottom right hand corner.

Talya uses a range of media including; pencil, ink and paint. You can see the refined mark making in her illustrations and in some of her work, she has used old sheets of paper or postcards as a base and applied her work on top. This is demonstrated in the image above (La Belle Boutique).

I recently visited an exhibition of Talya Baldwin’s, in Leeds, Yorkshire. It’s a solo exhibition displaying human and animal characters, as well as botanical pieces. These are drawn on A2 paper and pinned delicately on the gallery wall. Some are cut out and strategically positioned around the room to catch your eye – adding an extra element of interest. The characters and found objects that Talya has drawn are that which are lost, unwanted or marginalized and who do not sit comfortably in the common imagination of storytelling or have not won a place in history.

Exhibition Poster

bowery flyer


Exhibition pieces that caught my eye:











Close up of above male character


You can really see all the fine pencil mark-making detail and how Talya emphasises and adds texture in the male character’s skin tone. She also appears to make each eye different in scale i.e. obscuring the facial features. Her work is quirky and detailed, and drawn in a mature way, that would appeal to both a younger and an older audience.

I love Talya’s illustrations. They seem surreal, yet grotesque when you look more closely. I think Talya’s work is meant to provoke an emotional reaction. For example,the grand dame’s hat is made of star fish, newts and an octopus. On another illustration,you can see a pair of octopuses tentacles positioned either side on a lady’s head. She’s like the Marmite in the illustration world – you would either like or dislike her illustrations, and I love them!

Here is the link to her website

Wedding stationery



Since preparing for my wedding, I initially spent hours searching and designing wedding stationery. I wanted to design my own range that represented romance and my appreciation of contemporary design. At present, I have designed the ‘Save the Date’ invite and have been developing ideas for the wedding invitations, menu and rsvp cards, as well as the seating plan. I just love graphic design and I have displayed what is around at the moment, selecting designs with different styles of fonts.

In my opinion, I would say that the styling and theme of stationery that people choose, reflects their personalities and how you want to come across – preferring whether you like french sophistication, fun loving or perhaps a romantic theme. The use of typography can help to support this also. The styles I like the most are script, san serif and handwritten fonts for wedding stationery, especially if it is done in a contemporary way and I am always on the look out for something different. In particular, I look for strong colour palettes and compositions, nice imagery as well as interesting typography!

There are many designers and companies providing wedding stationery, however I will only mention 3 websites where I have shown a range of lovely designs, that display a variety of font styles and themes.


Wedding stationery from


This range is in keeping with the fairground theme, that I was looking at on May Day. It is Carnival Wedding Invitations by Project Pretty and they have used a soft palette of pale blue and grey, on a crisp white background.


More designs from Not On The High Street



Gypsy Wedding Stationery by A Bird & A Bee. This invitation has a delicate handrawn font, accompanied by pretty floral top and bottom detail.


Chevron Personalised Wedding Stationery by Little Cherub Design. This design is very vibrant and bold. I love the horizontal repetitive chevron pattern – simple, yet effective!


Wedding stationery from

Graphical design
By Erik Oelke. This range uses typography and a few graphical elements (hearts, circle shapes, boxes etc…). The main colour scheme is black and white, which is broken up by the pink envelopes.

Handpainted look

By Jolly Edition. The hand drawn floral illustration is lovely and the designer has used a variety of fonts. I am particularly drawn to the pale blue background colour and the illustration, then the names of the yet to be ‘bride and groom’ and finally, the ceremony date. The overall look, looks fresh and pretty, but not “fluffy”.

Floral pink

By Alisa Bobzien. This is another favourite of mine. There is a lot going on, yet it works! I love the pink invitation with the decorative white border. It is not over fussy and the decorative element is used again on the rest of the stationery, yet in black. Pink is used again within the flower. Beautiful!


Wedding stationery from


Fiesta Folk art

Fiesta Folk Art by root beer float. This design is very pretty. The turquoise background colour is deep enough to enable us to see the white text and pattern clearly. Also, the text is centre aligned, fitting snuggly within the mirrored patterened frame.


BISTRO by chocomocacino. This design is pretty minimal,using only fine black type and linear graphic elements. Yellow is slightly used to highlight the ceremony date and informing people that a wedding invitation is to follow.

After Sunset

After Sunset by Kristen Smith. This design reminds me of old films i.e. the text sections inbetween moving slide scenes. I love the Victorian details, such as the swirly lines around the top ‘C’, the graphic line seperating the names and ceremony information, and the chosen fonts. There is some texture to break up the black background. Again like most of the above stationery designs, the text is centre aligned. Possibly this is either what alignment style I like or it is a trend that is popular at the moment?!