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In between the paid jobs I have been doing for customers,  I have finally managed to find time to design the Summer Party invitation! It has been printed (double-sided) and distributed to a few of my daughter’s friends. Both sides are different in style, although I have used similar colours to provide design-consistency.


Front of invitation

I have used bright colours and palm trees that represent the fun and romanticism of foreign, beach summer holidays. For the graphic elements I designed a diamond shaped, central focus point which is made up of triangles. Looking at other dance club party invites, there seems to be a trend with this two dimensional shape. Smaller triangles were placed at the corners of the invitation to balance off the central section. The colours are pretty and eye-catching, yet not fluffy, in order to appeal to a teenage audience.


Back of invitation

The back mainly consists of information about what to bring to the party, i.e. essentials such as sleeping bag, PJs, toothbrush, change of clothes, shoes, makeup and sunglasses. The styling is illustrated, hand-drawn using pen. I then scanned in the illustrations and polished them in PhotoShop. My aim was to put more emphasis on the front of the invitation and to keep the back relatively clear with a white background. The images have bold black outlines and are filled with hints of colour. They are positioned in a loose grid format and have descriptions in grey, positioned underneath each illustration.


I took inspiration for this flyer invite design from They showcase a broad selection of flyers that you can download. Some are premium flyer designs you can buy and you can download others for free! I have been searching for some ideas for the summer party invitation and below is a small selection from which I took inspiration; especially the white text over the coloured background and the central layouts:






























Summer has arrived and the sun is starting to make more regular appearances. My daughter wants to celebrate this season by hosting (by proxy!) a party. Summer is my favourite season, so what a great excuse to bring some of the season’s fun, colour and energy into our garden. British weather is very unpredictable, so there is no guarantee that they day we pick will be sunny, but we will keep our fingers and toes crossed. In the north west of the country, we tend to get less than in south.

Initially, I started a board on Pinterest called ‘Beach Party’ on which to collate as many ideas as I can. After that, I put together a few mood-boards, containing a selection of interesting looking food, colours, props an so on; for different aspects of the party.

I will begin with the invites, whilst gathering my thoughts about the other aspects of the party.




These two moodboards focus on colour, food, fashion, summer theme and the target audience. The first board has a pale blue, aqua green and a red/pink colour scheme. The second board having soft greens, turquoise, golden yellow and pink colour scheme. For the invites, I may decide to refer to just one board or combine some colours from both of them.

I chose colours that represented the ocean, clear blue sky, fresh fruit such as red/pink watermelon and the sun. Also, I have chosen the image of girl friends doing fun activities together, as well as showing fashions targeted to what is in trend for the summer. This kind of party could be a new experience for some of the girls and a day to remember!











This moodboard displays a range of fonts that I would like to use for the party invites. There are different types of fonts and I particularly like the hand-drawn ones. I like how the text is laid on top of the photographic images.





To finalise, I will definitely make use of photographic backgrounds for the invites. I aim to use selected imagery and colours which will induce a holiday beach-party feeling amongst the guests. Furthermore, I am going for a look that will engage teenage girls, that they will relate to, has fun elements, and is full of bright, summer colour.

Other aspects to consider for the party are –

  • Venue
  • Decor
  • Food
  • Music
  • Games ( just a few! )
  • Summer looks

I love planning parties and have planned a few for my daughter in the past….so let the fun begin!