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Over half way through the 100 day project




I can’t believe that I’m over half way through the 100 day project. I’m currently on day sixty six, which is just over nine week’s worth of drawings! Where has the time gone!!

I’m still enjoying and somehow still motivated with the drawing challenge. I decided to commit to completing the full one hundred days and I’m determined not to give up. There are only thirty five days left to go and still so much to draw about the ocean.

What’s keeping me motivated you may ask?

1 I have the freedom to draw what I want and I’m discovering every day, new facts about my chosen theme, the ocean.

2 I’m experimenting with different colour combinations, techniques and media, which is great when discovering what works best for me.

3 I’m looking at my theme from different angles i.e. within the ocean, outside, sea life to ships and divers, environmental issues as well as topical and so on…. I definitely think my theme is broad, so I have lots of information to play around with.

4 I’m taking one idea and producing different compositions from this, rather than creating just one drawing.

5 The support from family, friends and the general public, including people from the art community has been brilliant. I really appreciate your support, so thank you!

6 I want to complete all one hundred days!

7 I’m discovering my ‘style’ and which age range I like to create for. From what I’ve produced, I think it’s for the younger market and for people who are young at heart.

8 I’m receiving plenty of positive feedback and gaining lots of interest in my work. From this, I’ll be selecting mine and other people’s favourites and selling these as prints in my etsy shop very soon! This definitely motivates me to produce more 🙂

Over half way through the 100 day project

Here are some of my latest drawings from the 100 day project


I want to point out and to be honest, at times I’ve found the drawing challenge exhausting, mainly due to balancing client work with drawing every day. When this has happened, I’ve not wanted to lift a paintbrush and think about the ocean, giving my brain a break (we need a break from time to time!). At least I’ve not burnt myself out though!

I’ll let you know when I add new artwork, from the 100 day project, to my etsy shop 🙂


Emma Jayne x


Favourite 100 day project illustrations




Gosh how time has flown! I’ve not posted for a while, probably about three weeks, so sorry for the delay.

I’ve been trying to balance, the 100 day project, client work and family time. It’s going OK and it helps when I plan my days ahead, splitting the work day so I can spend the right amount of hours drawing ocean related images, preparing and concentrating on client briefs, as well as sitting down in the evenings with my husband and daughter.

I can tell you that I’m still enjoying the drawing challenge and I’d like to share with you some of my favourite 100 day project illustrations so far.

Favourite 100 day project illustrations

I’m finding that for quick, daily drawings, I much prefer to use ProCreate. It’s an absolute life saver! Also, at the moment, I’m creating more colourful, ocean scenes than just simple sea-life creatures on a white background. I like to add backdrops and bring the sea creatures to life.

I hope you like what I’ve produced so far and I’m going to select a few of my illustrations to sell in my Etsy shop. It has been static for a while, so it will be good to get it up and running again with new artwork. I’ll let you know when the shop will officially be ‘open’.

If you’d like to see some of my previous drawings for the 100 day project, click here.


Emma Jayne x