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How Time Flies (when you’re having fun!)



Hello there! I am back again, after taking time out to complete a three month course in Graphic Design at Shillington College.

That kept me seriously busy, whilst I gained competency in the Adobe Creative Suite (CS5.5), honed my existing design skills and gained new ones.

Take a look at my online portfolio. It is a culmination of the work I undertook on the course and demonstrates the different disciplines and variety of briefs that we were given.

I completed a number of short projects, such as branding and logo design, packaging design. I laid out and typeset a magazine article and designed its masthead and front cover. I also designed a poster for a film festival.

One of the longer projects was an annual report (for Herman Miller Furniture), which I worked on from start to finish, producing the concept design and layout for the pages within.

During the research from the briefs, I found out about the work from various different designers and gained inspiration from a few; Darren Newman (for illustration and typography), Jessica Hische (for typography) and Alice Pattullo (illustrator – 1880’s style poster design, amongst other great stuff).

There will be more from me soon and don’t forget, you can find me on Twitter, too!

The images in this gallery are NOT my own. They are images which have, in part, whole or conceptually, inspired some of my work.
The name of the owner of the images is in the image name (and therefore, the caption).

Where possible, I have put links to the owners’ web sites at the foot of this post.

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Owner links: (the photoset needs reordering, until done, the list below won’t make much sense)

Alice Pattullo – Images 01 & 02
Darren Newman – Images 03 & 04
Jessica Hische – Images 05 & 06
Heath Killen – Images 07 & 08
Okkervil River – Images 09 & 10 – I cannot find the site from which they came, so please get in touch, if you know.
Ray Fenwick – Images 11 & 12
Saul Bass – Images 13 & 14