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Christmas designs




I’d like to firstly say that I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend! The weekends seem to fly by so quickly, even on a four day bank holiday weekend.

I’m very proud of myself, that I didn’t eat any chocolate this Easter. I didn’t even attempt to sneakily steal any of my daughter’s chocolate eggs. I will be going away with the family during the summer, so at the moment I’m trying to be good. So far so good!

For week ten on the Rise Design and Shine course, it was all about Christmas. I wanted to try a more traditional themed range, drawing pine cones, foliage, spices, oranges and apples. This is my final collection, which I placed on ceramic mugs.

Christmas designs


I initially created the pine cone and fruit pattern, on the bottom left mug. Afterwards, designing the holly patterned coordinate and the pine cone and orange wreathe.

Here is another Christmas themed design collection. As you can see, it’s based on musical angels.



Who doesn’t like to wear new pyjamas at Christmas time?! For this collection, I have designed an all over angel print, with angels singing and playing musical instruments. There’s also a snowflake coordinate and an angel placement design with singing robins.

I’ll definitely be showing these designs at the Blue Print and Surtex shows next month. There’s now approximately two weeks ’til the cutoff date, to send all the designs to my agent Brenda Manley. I’ve still a few more designs left to complete, which means I’ll be super busy between now and the beginning of May.


Enjoy the rest of your week!

Emma Jayne x


Pretty tropical floral bedding





Pretty tropical floral bedding

I loved week three’s ‘Fancy Floral’ assignment and I was suprised at how quickly the whole project came together.  From research, initial drawings, through to slotting all the design elements into a repeat for bedding, I enjoyed each part of the process. I have to say that on the odd occasion, I get into a bit of a rut and have to try to get myself out of it. However, this didn’t happen with the ‘Fancy Floral’ brief.

With experience, you work out your own best way for tackling a design project. I’m always learning what works for me and it helps that I take part in different courses. I’m constantly designing (studio and in my spare time), and I’m getting to a point now, where I know which techniques and tools I prefer to use. These are paints, inks, collage and the Adobe suite.

After researching the flowers I wanted to use within my design, and the style I wanted to develop, I produced a moodboard. These are the colours and types of flowers that inspired me when creating my pretty tropical floral bedding. I love the contemporary style and decided on a more abstract feel.


All above images are from Pinterest

For my pretty tropical floral bedding, I decided to paint my flowers & leaves and then finish off my designs in PhotoShop. Here are a couple of pages from my sketchbook.

It’s funny that when putting the flowers in repeat and creating the reverse of the duvet, pillowcases and coordinating cushions, they brought back memories from when I used to design bedding at Dorma. Whilst there, I produced different types of patterned designs, and I recall designing a pattern where the main focus of the design was situated at the end of the bed. I wanted to produce something like that again, for my new design.

In the middle area, I applied fluttering butterflies, and a soft, ink splatter, which gradates to the top of the duvet. The flowers on the pillowcases are much bigger in scale.

I wanted my pretty tropical floral bedding to have a fun element, so I strategically placed coloured pom poms around the edges of the duvet and pillowcases.

To conclude, here is my final tropical floral design with coordinating abstract and green botanical cushions.



I’m looking forward to week four’s brief, which is all about geometrics.


Emma Jayne x