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Happy New Year 2017





Welcome and Happy new year 2017!

Did you have a good Christmas and new year? At Christmas, we spent the first hour opening presents, followed by a scrummy cooked breakfast. Then for the rest of the day, playing games, watching films (and the Queen’s speech!) and generally relaxing. Later in the afternoon, Neil and I shared cooking Christmas dinner, which was delicious!

Every year, we tend to go away for a few days and this year, during Christmas and new year, we visited York. York has to be one of my favourite places, to go for a mini break in the UK. It’s full of history and is such a fascinating city. This time we went for a guided tour around the cathedral. It was actually really interesting and our ticket is valid for twelve months, so we’ll definitely be going again, perhaps during the summer.

We also went to the Yorkshire Soap Company, which is so lush and magical. I just love the shop interior and of course, the arrangements of soaps and other bathroom toiletries. When people say they’d like to open a coffee shop when they retire, for me, it would have to be a soap shop like the Yorkshire Soap Company! Oh yessss!!

Here are a few photographs I took, whilst on my mini break in York.

Happy new year 2017


Have a great week!  😉

Emma Jayne x


Colourful eclectic livingroom ideas





Image taken from flickr

Today, I bought a vintage style, gold mirror for the livingroom. It fits perfectly with the 60’s & 70’s furniture, which used to be my partner’s parents’ before they passed away. Besides the nostalgic feel, Neil and I decided to keep the furniture because we’re both lovers of vintage and retro.

Most of the furniture is quite clean and plain in design, except, perhaps, for the sideboard, which has a few decorative details.  The new mirror – which is circular with spiked edges – will break up the plain shapes within the livingroom. I’m a huge fan of mixing old and new, which is a popular look and has been around for a number of years. I also love mixing patterns with bold colours and so I want to share with you a few colourful eclectic livingroom ideas which I’ve collated for a bit of inspiration.

If you have some furniture that you’ve either bought at a vintage fair or that has been passed down in the family and you’re unsure as to how to decorate or style your livingroom, then these images may give you some ideas.

For my livingroom, I started off with the old furniture and then bought items as and when I saw them. I personally think it’s nice to decorate a room with things that are personal to you and that you love. Take your time and build up the look as and when you see a piece of furniture, an ornament or accessory that you like, rather than thinking that you need to gather everything all at once. There’s an art form when decorating, and wouldn’t you want to sit in a living room (or any other room) and feel happy and inspired with everything in it that you love, than sitting in a room that is mundane, unoriginal and unimaginative?

Colourful eclectic livingroom ideas


I love this bright, emerald-green sofa, which has been toned down by the wooden floor and table. The yellow diamond, pattern wallpaper and blue stool really compliment and add to the whole eclectic look.



This chunky armchair, has been given a modern update with pink fabric. I’m loving the coordinated pink plant pot too, as well as the vintage glass top table and contemporary artwork.



There’s plenty of old and new styling going on in this livingroom, especially with the scatter-cushions. Look at all the different coloured patterns, which stand out against the grey 1950’s style sofa.



I adore this colour palette of warm greens and lilac, with hints of golden orange and yellows. It’s very fresh and feminine and in particular, I love the white decorative sofa and the country style, floral patterned rug.



Oooo! Plain, pink walls with a vintage patterned chair and modern floral cushion!



Berry sofa and pistachio coloured walls. What a gorgeous colour combination! There’s lots of plain, bold colours in this livingroom setting and to add more interest, lots of coloured patterned cushions are used to perfect the look.



I’ve saved the best until last. This look is definitely my favourite! The colours are fab and it’s so stylish, with the retro chair, vintage styled mirror and the cute, contemporary vases.

At some point, when my livingroom is finally finished, I’ll share with you how I’ve styled this room. Have you recently decorated your livingroom and do you also love the eclectic look?


Emma Jayne x