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Abstract livingroom decor




Have you seen Loaf’s latest spring and summer 2016 furniture range? The furniture launch was actually back in February , just a few weeks ago, and on show were so many wonderful, new things. What’s more, the colours and fabrics are to die for!! I have my eye on their luxurious, blue, velvet sofa. In fact, I am featuring it in this blog post and have combined other beautiful pieces to create an abstract, living room decor concept.

I wanted to create an abstract art inspired living space, with bold colours and a variety of textures/patterns. For this living room idea, I have featured Loaf’s Bagsie sofa, which looks great with their Mojo table, and little GEE desk lamp. Along with these, I’ve combined yellow, patterned curtains, an abstract floral print (one of my own designs from my shop on Etsy) and a multi-coloured, glass vase. The whole look is vibrant, arty and definitely on trend.

Abstract livingroom decor



1_ Abstract floral print
2_ Little GEE desk lamp
3_ Bagsie sofa
4_ Mojo table
5_ Patterned curtains
6_ Glass vase

(Cabinet image taken from Pinterest)

Don’t you think the whole abstract living room decor is lovely?  I love mixing old with new and the look has a slightly retro feel. Also, I have put together primary red & blue with a warm brown and a few pretty pastel shades. The lighter shades tone down the primary colours, giving a relaxing feel, which is what you want in any living room!

If you’d like to see more of Loaf’s furniture, then check out their website.


Emma Jayne x


My latest Society6 Spring Floral design




My latest Society6 Spring Floral design


A few weeks ago I created flower designs for a set of Easter cards. Besides flowers, the Easter cards feature bunnies which look fab with my hand-painted and printed flowers. I loved the flowers so much, that I decided to use some of them, together with some additional painted flowers to create an entirely different design. This design was added to Society6, where I sell some of my other colourful creations.

For this collection, I liked the idea of combing different flowers using mixed media. To achieve this, I used a range of techniques, including printed motifs, marker, gouache and watercolour. The over all effect looks stunning and I am super happy with the final result.

I’d like to share with you my initial floral doodles and also my final designs. I created one circular, and one all-over half drop, repeat design. Why not take a look at my latest Society6 Spring Floral design?

My latest Society6 Spring Floral design

Initial stylised floral drawings using a range of media. 






All-over half drop repeat, Spring Floral design.



Final Spring Floral design on Society6


I adore the fresh & neutral colours, as well as the combination of different techniques. The overall design works really well, and I am going to order the clock, which would look perfect in my kitchen!


Emma Jayne x