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Swan pattern inspiration




It’s really exciting at work at the moment. I’m producing such lovely designs  – if I’m allowed to say so myself? They are mainly for children’s and wedding gift-wrap, and I have created a couple of birthday designs. I will be able to let you see them, once they are in production, and they’ll most likely be added to my on-line portfolio, too.

I was looking for new themes, when I came across some beautiful, bird designs. Well actually, the type of birds that caught my eye, were swans. Swans are elegant birds and I see them as a great alternative to the pink flamingos that have been so popular over the past couple of years. Flamingos are large, lean birds and have a sophisticated appeal to them. Swans on the other hand are similar, but I feel that they have a more grown-up feel to them.

In this blog post, I want to share with you some swan pattern inspiration. A couple are painted and others are digitally stylised. I’m loving all the colour and composition variations!

Swan pattern inspiration


By Helen Dardik


By Melissa Hourihan


By Jenn Gallagher

From This is Gold

From Cloud9 Fabrics


By Taylor Shannon

By Becca Stadtlander


Have a great weekend!

Emma Jayne x


Mini break to Whitby




Did you have a great bank holiday weekend? I spent the weekend holidaying on the east coast of England.

I’m not the type of person who takes their main holiday once a year, during the summer months. I much prefer to take mini breaks, because then you can enjoy a change of scenery and some ‘me’ time, a few times throughout the year. During the bank holiday weekend, Neil, Yasmin, Yasmin’s friend Millie and I stayed in a little village to the south of Scarborough. I was actually pleasantly suprised by how lovely this part of the UK is. I didn’t expect it to be unpleasant, mind you. There is so much beautiful countryside and a lot of pretty properties scattered around.

Whilst we were there, we visited Whitby. This was our mini break to Whitby and I haven’t been there for quite a while, probably about twenty years (that’s quite a long time ago!!). You could say, it was very busy! I planned to visit Whitby Abbey, the old town and harbour, and then look around other parts, if time permitted. The views when you reach the top of the 199 steps, near Whitby Abbey are breath-taking. You’re pretty high up and can see virtually the whole of Whitby!

I was given a new camera by Neil, which was very nice of him, and I couldn’t wait to take some photographs of Whitby. Here is just a selection of the many that I took. You’ll notice that the weather was bright and sunny.

Mini break to Whitby


Whitby Abbey.





Colourful boats in the harbour.



Look who popped up behind me!



Neil feeling relieved after walking up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey.



Ahoy matey!



Me enjoying the views of Whitby from the top, near Whitby Abbey.



Close up view of Whitby from part of the 199 steps.




Morris dancers!



Yasmin and her friend Milly having a good time in Whitby.


If you’d like to know more about Whitby, then click here.

Emma Jayne x