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DIY Thank You card




Thank you card


DIY ‘Thank You’ card

I am keen on being courteous and polite.  It is something that I was brought up with and I try to ensure that my daughter shows courtesy where it is due.  Therefore, after hosting a party, I believe that it is courteous to send a ‘Thank You’ card.  My daughter celebrated her 14th birthday last weekend, and she really wanted to thank the girls for coming and to show her appreciation for the gifts she received.  I love making things and decided to make a DIY ‘Thank You’ card.  The cards are so colourful and the girls just loved them!

In this post, I show you how I made the DIY ‘Thank You’ card.  My design is so easy and it includes a small gift too (a ‘thank you’ token gift).





Striped, paper bag
Party poppers
Coloured paper (for the stars)
Key rings
A4 paper
Access to a computer & printer

Step 1

Using a program such as MS Word, LibreOffice or even Wordpad,  type ‘Thank you!’ and print onto coloured paper.  I used lemon, A4 paper.  Then cut it out in the shape of a ribbon (see image).

Step 2

With a sheet of pink  A4 paper, make the origami star. It is easy to do, following the instructions in the YouTube clip.

Step 3

If you like, you can write a personal message on a small piece of paper and place in the striped, paper bag.

Step 4

Start assembling the striped, paper bag, origami star, party popper streamer, key ring (I bought the paisley felt elephant keyring from Paperchase) and your ‘Thank you!’ ribbon.  Once you are happy with the arrangement, clip together with a paper-clip. Et violá!  You now have a DIY ‘Thank You’ card.  Finally, carefully insert your card in an envelope (make sure it is big enough to fit your DIY ‘Thank You’ card, without it being too tight).


Thank you card03

Thank you card02


I hope you like my DIY ‘Thank You’ card.  It’s good to have fun when you’re making something.  Have you ever made a Thank You card? I’d love to see your design! 🙂




Birthday party ideas




My daughter’s party at the weekend was a huge success!  My birthday party ideas preparation really helped and it shows that it does pay off to be well organised. The girls loved the party invitations and all commented on how much they liked the detailing, from the invites, the room decoration, to the birthday cake design (and the delicious, white chocolate, buttercream filling!). You can make the cake by visiting my previous ‘Scrumptious Abstract Painted Birthday Cake‘ post.  I am delighted that even after a few days, the sponge is still moist.  There isn’t much cake left now, I may have to make some more!

My aim for the party was all about colour and fun, and I found most of my inspiration from Pinterest.  It’s such a godsend!  For the room decoration, I decided on using one wall as a feature space.  I used balloons, made paper balls and colourful streamers and stars. My partner and I created the feature wall the night before the party. We had to keep Yasmin away, so it wouldn’t spoil the surprise she would get when walking into the room on her birthday. It was a close thing as she and some of her friends nearly walked in, whilst we were setting it up!  I am glad to report that she loved it!

I have created a moodboard, illustrating the colours, party food and decor. It is of course for a girl’s party; pretty and decorative.



Paper ball ornaments / popcornpináta / striped crackers


… and for boys.

I find that I do tend to look more at feminine colours and designs. I must be a true, girlie girl at heart!  So, I thought it would make a nice change to make a moodboard for a boy’s birthday party.

What I like about this moodboard, is the comic-strip feel. I imagine boys of all ages loving superheroes (even boys of my partner’s age!). You find all sorts of super hero characters in children’s cartoons and appearing in films (for all ages). I suppose it depends on what type of superhero your child prefers. For an older boy’s party, I would recommend that you concentrate on the using darker colours and a more graphical look; cool superheroes and a touch of edginess. Who could be more edgy than Wolverine!?



Wolverine portrait / plates / POW! art / balloons / star bandana fabric 


I hope you like my birthday party ideas for girls and boys. If you have any other ideas that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them 😀