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Print workshop






I’m always eager to try out new techniques, and I really fancied adding some lino prints to my portfolio. So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to a print workshop in Rossendale, Lancashire. I’ve been there a couple of times before and just love it. All the required materials are provided and I can make as much mess as I want. Super!

I thought it would be interesting to show a couple of styles within some of the new designs for Easter cards which I am currently working on.  I thought that lino printing would look perfect with watercolour flowers. They would contrast, yet compliment each other – watercolour being fluid and lino prints producing a solid, textural feel. I really liked the idea of experimenting with shapes and textures, and I intend to use the best prints for my designs.  I will scan my prints in PhotoShop and then develop these within my Easter card designs.

Print workshop


To begin with, I’d prepared a few linear drawings of flowers, leaves, bunnies and birds. These are some of the shapes that I initially transferred onto lino.



I scoured around each shape with a lino cutter, making sure to keep to the outer lines. I cut away some of the inner detailing too, i.e wings, eyes and flower seeds.



Lino is pretty tough material! I used a stanley knife to cut some of the shapes, then used a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the remaining shapes.



Even though I would be scanning and creating the Easter cards designs in Photoshop, I thought I’d rearrange the shapes before the print stage, to play around with some ideas that I had.



I wanted each shape to be a different colour. This is another layout which I was playing around with.



A few of my prints, drying. They actually didn’t take long to dry at all.



A sneaky peak inside the print workshop!





Just a few of my final prints. I’ll definitely use these to create a range of Easter cards. I love mixed media, so these will be combined with some other techniques, such as watercolour, which I mentioned earlier.  Once they are finished, I’ll show you the final collection, so stay tuned!

➡ Please do not use any of the images shown on my blog without permission. If you would like to show some of the images, please credit me where they are used, on your blog, website or wherever. Thank you  🙂


Emma Jayne x


Happy Valentine’s




It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I’m sure many couples will be planning something special. I will however, be spending some of the day with my partner, Neil. Weather permitting, we may go for a stroll in the countryside, then it will great to relax with a hot drink and a slice of cake in a splendid, quaint café. We don’t do the over-priced, restaurant-on-Valentine’s thing, as we find it a tad cheesy, being in the company of other, love-struck couples on Valentine’s day. Surely, as the whole idea of Valentine’s is to express your love for your partner, is that not better done in private?  Still, each to their own.

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of Valentine’s related images around. You can’t really escape them on T.V. & radio adverts, in shops, on the internet etc., so I thought I’d share with you some pretty and inspirational Valentine’s images.

Happy Valentine’s



Perhaps you’d like to paint your nails with a variety of pretty, pink shades
I love this illustrated Valentine’s card!
‘Love’ neon sign
Who doesn’t love macaroons, especially with edible painted flowers!
Rose petal love heart 
Hand-crafted paper flowers


Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Emma Jayne x