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DIY Christmas advent calendar






Christmas will soon be upon us and it’s only a few weeks away…EEK!! I must say that I’ve been a little organised this year and have actually bought some of the presents. All I need to do, is buy a few more, and then it’s wrapping time! That’s quite a job in itself!

My daughter, Yasmin, loves this time of year, and even though she is in her teens, she still likes to have an advent calendar. So this year, I decided to make my own, diy Christmas advent calendar. It doesn’t take much in the way of materials, and takes only two to three hours to make.  Simples!

DIY Christmas advent calendar


  • 24 matchboxes
  • magazines
  • selection of patterned gift wrap
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil
  • PVA glue
  • coloured paint
  • paintbrush
  • A3 card
  • assortment of small sweets & foil wrapped chocolates
  • numbers – 1 to 24


First of all, empty all of the matchboxes and either throw away the matches, or keep them in a cool, dry place; safety first! Then, place the large flat area of the matchbox face down onto a piece of gift wrap or magazine page and draw around the perimeter of the box with a pen or pencil. Cut out the rectangular shape with the scissors and glue down the reverse side to the large flat area of the matchbox. Put this onto one side and repeat with the remaining matchboxes.

Once you’ve applied a pattern to each matchbox, paint the left hand edge with the coloured paint, patterned area facing upwards, and leave to dry. Do this with all of the other matchboxes. While the paint is drying, cut out the numbers with the scissors. Then glue each number to the front of a matchbox – one number per matchbox, of course. I think the numbers look best centre aligned (see top image).

Next you will need to cut away the right edge and glue the match tray to the inside of the matchbox sleeve.  Again, repeat this with the remaining twenty three matchboxes. Once this is done, assemble the matchboxes to make a Christmas tree and glue to an A3 sheet of card. Make sure the numbers are randomly placed on the card, so each number isn’t positioned next to one another i.e. for example, 2, 16, 23, 5, 12 etc. Fill each matchbox with a sweet. I bought a variety of flavours and different types of boiled sweets, plus a few foil wrapped chocolates too.









Have fun finding out what sweet delight you’ll get to open!


Emma Jayne x



Slipper workshop at Loafhome






What a fun morning I had at Loafhome’s showroom (Loaf Shack), in Battersea, London. I got to make a pair of cosy, felt slippers! They were so easy to make and would be perfect for a present. In fact, I’m going to keep the slippers that I made for myself, as I did such a great job! I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself, as this is the first time I’ve ever made slippers, or any kind of footwear!

I was actually late for the workshop. When I drove down to the slipper workshop at Loafhome, my satnav decided to take me across busy London, past Buckingham Palace! (where the roads are crammed with taxis). In the end, I was over an hour late and was a bit flustered when I finally got there. This didn’t, however, stop me from enjoying the fun, slipper workshop. Loaf even reserved a parking space for me, which was a great relief, and was just what I needed after the long drive down from Cheshire. Thank you Loaf!



The slipper workshop was run by I Can Make Shoes. They make all sorts of footwear; and bags too. I’d like to show you some photographs of my slippers that I took at the event. I’ll show you in more detail how you can make your own slippers in a future blog post, so stay tuned!


Slipper workshop at Loafhome


Our felt bundles that we used to make our cosy slippers. I selected the brown shade.



Cut out felt pieces that I used to make my pair of slippers.



Hand sewing the slippers using a blanket stitch. I chose a gorgeous teal coloured embroidery thread, which actually complemented the brown felt really well.



Other bloggers making their felt slippers.



My finished slippers with a blue velvet ribbon for extra detail. Image taken from icanmake_shoes


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience as well as looking around Loaf’s showroom. What a fabulous store! I think I could actually live there, if it had a kitchen and bathroom. There were beautiful sofas, beds, dining tables & chairs and many more goodies. Whilst I was in the showroom, I couldn’t resist taking a good look around (and some photos too). Everything was nicely laid out and I could get to see all the lovely colours and feel the fabrics, such as my favourite Jonesy Love Seat, in spiced orange clever velvet. The chair has a large sized cushion and is pretty deep. This Jonesy Love Seat could fit two people on and would be ideal as a snuggle chair!  The fabric is super soft.


One of my favourite sofa chairs – The Jonesy Love seat


Here are a few more photographs that I had taken whilst in the showroom. I just love their furniture and room layouts!









If you’re ever in London, why not take a trip to the Loafhome showroom. All of the staff are super friendly and it’s worth just testing out the assortment of sofas and beds. For more details check out


Till next time, Emma Jayne x