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9 of my favourite instagram accounts




I’m so addicted to instagram! It’s a great way to get some visual inspiration and to also get your blog, work, products etc… seen by the whole world. I’ve met some lovely people on instagram from places that I’ve never been to before and have been amazed by a huge variety of makers/ designers.

In this blog post, I’d like to share with you 9 of my favourite instagram accounts.  They range from photography, craft to illustration. These are just a few of the accounts that I presently follow and I’m always seeing new inspiration everyday! Check these out

9 of my favourite instagram accounts

Amy Blackwell


I love Amy’s style. The patterns and colours really ‘pop out’.


Molley May


Molley May’s illustrations are so pretty. I think she has such an innocent style and I love her initial drawings as well as her final printed work.


Sign Your Name

Sign Your Name are a husband & wife team and they sell personalised gifts using initials/ typography, taken from ‘signs’. Charles Sykes is such a great photographer. He usually takes snap shots of well known celebrities and I like how they take photos of vintage signs, like in the above picture.



Hello Missmay is an online shop – formally known as May + Baz. They have such a super cute collection of tea towels, greeting cards, brooches and prints.


Princess in dreams

Princess In Dreams

How adorable is this fluffy, teddy purse? Princess in dreams creations such cute, handmade gifts. They’re so colourful and intricately detailed.



If you like kitsch interiors, then have you checked out Janneke Van Houtom’s instagram feed? Besides her illustrations, I love the interior spaces too!


Esmé Shapiro


Such gorgeous illustrations by Esmé Shapiro. Her use of colours and drawing style are stunning!


Just Daydreaming 


Just Daydreaming are an on-line store that stock lots of cute gift items.


Rosie Wonders

Rosie Wonders

I just love Rosie’s illustrations and tattoos! In fact, all of her designs I would love to own.


Which instagram accounts do you follow and would love to share? Do you follow any of my 9 favourite instagram accounts?

Emma Jayne x



Daily mini assignments for mymatsprep




Yeayy! It’s Saturday, and there is only a couple of days to go until I start the on-line MATS A course. I’m super excited and have been warming up with a few daily mini assignments for ‘mymatsprep’, set by Lilla Rogers.

What I’m looking forward to the most, besides updating my existing portfolio, is being part of the illustration community and seeing which new skills I will pick up along the way. From chatting to other artists who have taken the course, I have heard that it’s an excellent course. They say they have learned a lot, especially in developing their style and that they also, importantly, enjoyed it immensely.

I have a mixture of graphic design and illustration artwork in my current portfolio. I want it to have more illustration pieces, so I can approach relevant illustration agencies and companies with my new and improved professional portfolio.

Here are my mini assignments

Daily mini assignments for mymatsprep

#1 Nuts for neutrals


For this assignment we were asked to gather nuts and match their colours. Not all nuts are a brown shade and I liked the contrast of the browns and beige, with those of orange, red and green tones.


#2 Market survey (market research)


I love pattern and colour! For this assignment I demonstrated a plate which can be given as a gift. It illustrates what type of pattern, detailing and style is popular on the market at present.  The plate is actually from Anthropologie, which is one of my favourite shops!


#3 Shoes 


I loved this mini assignment, as we were asked to draw shoes! I love this style of shoe, even though I don’t own a pair like this, but I wish I did!!


#4 My home planet 


For our final mini assignment, we were asked to create an illustration that describes our home planet. The more creative, the better! After all, it’s fun to create a fantasy world, because I suppose we artists, designers and creative types all live on one!!


…a few links for the weekend!


Emma Jayne x