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Daily mini assignments for mymatsprep




Yeayy! It’s Saturday, and there is only a couple of days to go until I start the on-line MATS A course. I’m super excited and have been warming up with a few daily mini assignments for ‘mymatsprep’, set by Lilla Rogers.

What I’m looking forward to the most, besides updating my existing portfolio, is being part of the illustration community and seeing which new skills I will pick up along the way. From chatting to other artists who have taken the course, I have heard that it’s an excellent course. They say they have learned a lot, especially in developing their style and that they also, importantly, enjoyed it immensely.

I have a mixture of graphic design and illustration artwork in my current portfolio. I want it to have more illustration pieces, so I can approach relevant illustration agencies and companies with my new and improved professional portfolio.

Here are my mini assignments

Daily mini assignments for mymatsprep

#1 Nuts for neutrals


For this assignment we were asked to gather nuts and match their colours. Not all nuts are a brown shade and I liked the contrast of the browns and beige, with those of orange, red and green tones.


#2 Market survey (market research)


I love pattern and colour! For this assignment I demonstrated a plate which can be given as a gift. It illustrates what type of pattern, detailing and style is popular on the market at present.  The plate is actually from Anthropologie, which is one of my favourite shops!


#3 Shoes 


I loved this mini assignment, as we were asked to draw shoes! I love this style of shoe, even though I don’t own a pair like this, but I wish I did!!


#4 My home planet 


For our final mini assignment, we were asked to create an illustration that describes our home planet. The more creative, the better! After all, it’s fun to create a fantasy world, because I suppose we artists, designers and creative types all live on one!!


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Emma Jayne x


Makers at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair





Images taken from GNCCF website. From top left to bottom right [ Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Lina Peterson, Bea Jareno]

At the weekend Neil and I visited the GNCCF (Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair), Granada Studios, Manchester. It was very busy, even though it was the last day of the exhibition. The exhibition ran from the 8th to the 11th October and as I hadn’t been to a craft event in Manchester for a while, so I decided to not miss it. You are probably by now aware that I take great interest in all types of art specialisms; fashion, interiors, illustration, textiles, photography, graphics and craft. Whenever I am able, I love going to exhibitions, especially those where you can see actual handmade products. There were plenty of beautiful items on display at the GNCCF, certainly enough to keep me happy! We’ve actually been to this particular exhibition for the last consecutive three years.

The GNCCF showcases the UK’s most talented craft designers, ranging from new graduates and makers who specialise in jewellery, ceramics and weave, to those whose forté is glass or furniture. GNCCF provides an excellent conduit for high quality and cutting edge crafters to promote and sell their work to buyers and collectors. To read more about the event, go to

I’d like to share with you just some of my favourite craft makers at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. There were quite a few to choose from, and the list would be far too long for the blog, so I’ve selected just a few. They specialise in clothing, jewellery, textile embroidery and ceramics. The lighting wasn’t very bright and I was a bit disappointed with how my photographs turned out, so besides my own pics, I’ve sourced some from the GNCCF website. I just want to show off the maker’s work in the best light!

Makers at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Louise Gardiner

Louise Gardiner

Louise Gardiner2

I’m loving all of the colours and detailing! Look at the superb composition in the top image.

Check out Louise’s website

Marina Bauguil

Marina Bauguil


Look how super cute Marina’s little ceramic sculptures are! They’re so adorable. Marina had won ‘Best Ceramicist’ on the preview night. I thought it would be lovely to show you her certificate.

Check out Marina’s website

Sophie Alice Hirsch

Sophie Alice Hirsch


I love the contrast of soft feathers and hard metal. These pieces are edgy and modern, with a subversive aspect to them.

Check out Sophie’s website

Nicola Sutcliffe

nicola sutcliffe


Such beautiful fashion designs! Both are vintage inspired and I love the delicate fabric in the top, pale blue dress. The bottom dress reminds me of the 1940’s because of the shape – enhances the female figure, especially the waist!

Check out where you can find Nicola’s work by visiting

Katherine Lees

Katherine Lees


Pretty and delicate looking vases. I love the text transfer print patterns (top image) and also the peach glaze (bottom image).

Check out Katherine’s website

Anna Collette Hunt

Anna Collette Hunt


Look how stunning Anna’s ceramic work is. I love her beetle wall ornaments and actually bought one for myself! It will look fabulous in one of the newly decorated rooms, however, which one though!! Her figurines and candle stick holders are divine too.

Check out Anna’s website

Lisa Slinn

Lisa Slinn


I instantly fell in love with Lisa’s kitchenware ceramics. The colours and surface designs are so pretty. They have a contemporary and liquid feel. Just stunning!!

Check out Lisa’s website 

Besides established makers, the GNCCF showcases a graduate section, which is a fantastic platform for each year’s foremost, up and coming craft, design and applied, art graduates. They come not only from northern universities, but from universities across the country. These artists were chosen for their strong aesthetic flair, concepts and excellent craftsmanship within their particular discipline.

Harriet Lawton is a graduate and I met up with this wonderful, ceramic artist whilst she was producing prints derived from her current project, ‘The Object Factory’. For this, people had to pick up an invention pack, and document it by drawing the details which caught their eye. I didn’t actually have a go at this, mainly because I was so busy chatting to the makers and taking photographs for you to see here on my blog!

Here are some pieces by Harriet Lawton

Harriet Lawton

Harriet Lawton




Look how beautiful Harriet’s ceramic pieces are. I love all of the detailing and the different patterns within each piece. As you can see, Harriet is preparing one of her prints. The piece at the bottom is for her ‘The Object Factory’ project.  Do you notice the yellowish tint in the photograph?  This was caused by the lighting at the venue and was the issue I had all day!

Do check out Harriet’s website


Emma Jayne x