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White chocolate apples with marshmallow and nuts recipe





Autumn is definitely here! The weather has become slightly cooler and the nights are drawing in. The leaves are changing to such beautiful, bright red, orange and yellow shades and although my back lawn was cut only a few days ago, it already has more than a scattering of fallen leaves!!

One of my favourite memories from when I was much younger, is of eating black licorice and toffee apples. In fact, only today, I decided to make some toffee apples for Yasmin, Neil and myself, but using a different recipe than the standard. Instead of the red, crispy, caramelised sugar coating, I decided to use ingredients that are much sweeter and in my opinion, much yummier! I think this white chocolate apples with marshmallow and nuts recipe is so delicious. They really are tasty and I heartily recommend that you give them a try. The marshmallow and white chocolate add a different kind of sweetness to the apples (actually very complimentary), whereas the nuts stop the apples from being too sickly-sweet.


White chocolate apples with marshmallow and nuts recipe


  • six pink lady apples
  • lolly sticks
  • 200 grams of marshmallows (cut into small chunks)
  • three bars of white chocolate
  • mixed chopped nuts
  • Oil spray


Step_1 Rinse your apples and remove the stalks. Then insert a stick into each apple and leave in the fridge for approximately twenty minutes.



Step_2 Spray a non-stick frying pan with some oil, and add four dessert spoons of water. Then add the marshmallows. At this stage, keep stirring to make sure that the marshmallow pieces don’t stick to the pan. The mixture will be ready when the marshmallows have a smooth constituency.  Now take the apples out from the fridge.



Step_3 When the marshmallows are fully melted, take off the heat and dip each apple in. Then place them on a piece of grease proof paper, which has also had a lightly sprayed layer of oil. Again, place the dipped apples back in the fridge for about twenty minutes.




Step_4 Pour in a little water into a pan, and put on the heat.  Then break the white chocolate into small chunks and place in the glass bowl, placed over the pan (making sure that there is enough water but isn’t touching the bowl). Take the chilled apples from the fridge. Let the chocolate melt slowly and stir with a wooden spoon. When you have melted chocolate, dip the marshmallow coated apples in to it, then again into the chopped nuts, so that they get coated with those. Place each apple on a piece of oiled, grease-proof paper and again, chill in the fridge.



Violá, your white chocolate apples with marshmallow and nuts are done. Enjoy!




If you fancy having a go at baking a different variety, then check out these three alternatives.

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Have you got any tasty apple recipes you’d like to share?


Emma Jayne x


Fashion inspired illustrations





top image taken from pinterest

It isn’t not long until I start a new on-line arts course. I haven’t been on a course for about three years and I’m so looking forward to taking part in the MATS A (Make art That Sells) course, in just a few weeks. To stop me from feeling ‘wooden’, I have been warming up by producing a few fashion inspired illustrations. I quite like them and I intend to add these to my current stationery range, on Etsy.

The MATS A course is run by Lilla Rogers, a well known and highly respected agent in the surface design community. On the intensive, five week course, I will be building a professional portfolio whilst learning about the five most lucrative markets for art, these being bolt fabric, home décor, children’s books, wall art and gift. What I find most useful about this on-line course is that my work will be viewed by Lilla Rogers, and she gives feedback on selected work. I would love it if I received some feedback on what I produce. Plus, my work may get seen by art directors. I hope so, and fingers firmly crossed!!

Because the course will be intensive, I will most likely have my creative head on and I will be super focused. I will try to vary my blog posts during that time, adding in the odd fashion and interior articles, and you will definitely see what I’ll produce from the course.

The main reasons why this course will benefit me, are that firstly, I will get some direction as to what to put in my portfolio, for when I approach potential new clients and agencies. Secondly, I will get an insight into the different art markets. I’m currently unsure about which area to specialise in, so this course will be useful to help me with that. At the moment, I am doing graphic design and illustration, which means I tend to create artwork in a variety of styles, all depending on what the clients want. I would like to develop my own style and I will only be able to do this by producing lots of artwork. As an illustrator, it’s important to have your own unique style, so that you are offering something different to what a company or agency might already have. I am more passionate about illustration and pattern and love to draw, creating interesting compositions and patterns. Although I love typography, which are used a lot in graphic design, I love having fun producing different hand-drawn styled fonts.

I have a few pieces in my portfolio which I want to keep. These are a range of florals in my stationery collection on Etsy. By mid November, I will have a whole set of new designs from the MATS A course and some illustrations which I’ve been working on more recently. These will all form the basis of my updated portfolio. The new illustrations are based on what I love, namely, fashion. I’ve produced a series of apparel-inspired designs. Check them out below.


Fashion inspired illustrations









After I’ve put together a selection of artwork, I will then show my updated portfolio to different professionals. I will, of course, take on board their constructive feedback and will alter my portfolio depending on what suggestions are made. The end result will be a strong collection of work, showing my versatility and my drawing style, promoting ‘me’ – emmajayne-designs.


Emma Jayne x

*please do not use any of my images without permission. If you’d like to write about any of my design pieces, please get in touch or give credit on your blog/ website, with a link back to the original post. Thank you  😉