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Vintage Floral notebooks




I’ve recently added a couple more items to my Etsy shop. These are two A5 Vintage Floral notebooks.

I’m a big fan of vintage style, especially from the 1950-1970s. I find the bold, floral & geometric patterns and colour combinations really eye-catching.

My parents were teenagers in the 1960s and they used to watch classic films and listen to a range of music from that time. My sisters, brother and I used to watch such films and listen to my parents’ favourite songs as well, when we were very young. It’s funny that my mother preferred Motown and my dad’s preference was rock music.  They do say, however, that opposites attract! I used to listen to their albums when I was pre-teenager, and my sisters and I used to make up dances to all of our favourite songs. I remember choreographing dances to Donna Summer, The Supremes and also, Queen. So it is easy to see why my influences are from those eras.

If I could travel through time, I’d like to visit the mid 1960s.  I’d imagine going to a Rolling Stones concert, wearing a bold, floral print, shift dress with knee-length boots. Then, later on, going to an after-party. Ok, I know, I’ve probably seen too many 1960’s films!

I started off by gathering vintage patterns from Pinterest. Here are just a few that I selected.


They’re really contrasting patterns and colours aren’t they?


Once I gained a flavour of the type of florals and colours that I wanted, I then began creating my design in Illustrator. I liked the idea of randomly placing each flower and the leaves around the edges, with some of them scattered in the centre, and some coming off the page.

Once the design was complete, I sent them to be professionally printed and afterwards, made up the notebooks myself. The quality of paper is lovely and they have lined insert pages too. Inside the front cover, I have added ‘This book belongs to…..’, for anyone who wants to make sure everyone knows who’s book it is! Here are are my final designs.


Vintage Floral notebooks



Green colourway


The front cover



Close up of the flowers and butterfly.



Reverse with my logo.


Pink colourway


Front cover



Close up of the pretty butterfly.



A bright yellow insert page, on the opposite side of the front cover, with the words ‘ This book belongs to…..’.


Do you like vintage designs? What do you think of my vintage floral notebooks?

Emma Jayne x


How to customise your denim shirt





Love this look! (image from


One of this season’s popular trends is customising denim. Denim is such a versatile fabric. Gone are the days when the range of denim clothing was limited to jeans and jackets. Today, there is a much greater choice of fashion items and colours to choose from.  I think I bought my first pair of Levitm denim jeans, when I was ten years old. They were high waisted and stone-washed. I thought I was rather cool!

Denim re-invents itself every year, and what I love about customising it, is that you can make your jeans, jacket, dungarees or shirts unique, giving them a personalised look. Whether it’s torn, appliquéd, embroidered or painted, you can add your own twist on this fabulous trend. Why buy a new pair of jeans or denim shirt, when you can make your old existing items personal and stand out from the crowd.

I recently bought a shirt from BooHoo and wanted to add my own stamp to it. It’s a khaki shirt and I really like the idea of adding colourful, iron-on badges, rather than hand-sew them on. I bought a few super cute variations from Etsy. Wertstueck have such a lovely range. In this blog, I show you how to customise your denim shirt. It’s so easy!

How to customise your denim shirt




This is just a simple idea, however I do intend applying some embroidery and perhaps a few tears too.


More customising examples

Here are a few more examples of how to customise denim. I’ve included jeans too If you don’t fancy personalising a denim shirt. Take a look –

Khaki shirt which you can see on The Elgin Avenue. I just love the embellishment simplicity and you can now see where I got my source of inspiration from!!  😎

Alternatively go for ultimate badge overload! This denim jacket is from THEROUGEMISSCAKE.

Loving the patchwork detailing on this jacket. The colours are really pretty and contrasting. You can see how to do this on a pair & a spare.

How gorgeous is the embroidery/patchwork on these jeans! Just love it!! (Image taken from rhubarbinthegarden.tumblr)



Why not tear your jeans and add badges on too, for this look. (Image was taken from Mikuta)