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Collaboration with Chinese fashion brand Wancaoyi




Hello and I hope you are staying home and are safe and well. We’re living in uncertain and surreal times. Changes are happening every day and even though it’s good to know what these are, I try to just watch the highlights and not watch the news for long periods of time. I did at the start but it only made me feel anxious. I feel very sorry for those who are affected either with their health or their financial situations being challenged. This global situation we are in seems so dreadfully unfair.

I love fashion and more so, designing for fashion! Back in the spring of 2019, I did a collaboration with Chinese fashion brand Wancaoyi. For this collection, I was asked to produce artwork based on Marrakesh and was given a specific colour palette to work with.


Collaboration with Chinese fashion brand Wancaoyi

From the artwork, you can see a mix of spicy tones with hints of cool blues. In total, I created an illustrated map and two additional illustrations with rats. One of the rat designs was printed onto sweatshirts, to celebrate the Chinese New Year i.e. 2020 year of the rat.

I wanted the motifs to look realistic, yet stylised and I’ve added texture along with a pattern, which you can see in the map illustration.



Overall, it was a wonderful and fun project to work on!

Emma Jayne x

Jellyfish dress for Karla Cola




I love to draw animals & sea-life creatures, which is something about me which will stand out, if you follow my work on social media.

I’ve recently collaborated with independent fashion brand, Karla Cola, whom I’ve designed for previously; for instance, my brightly coloured ‘Bug Off’ design, back in October 2019. This new collaboration is a Jellyfish design, which is available to buy from Sunday 23rd February 8pm (Adelaide time). I love that Karla asks her audience to suggest names for each new design. The name given to this one is, ‘You Wish Jellyfish’.

The initial pattern had a blue background with orange and deep pink jellyfish. It was very busy with the jellyfish touching one another.



Karla had already a colour palette in mind, so I only had to make a few subtle changes. The background was to have a soft, watery texture effect and the turquoise blue to change to a light(ish) coral colour.

I also spread out the jellyfish, so they weren’t as close. They ended up being bigger in scale too, which you’ll be to see from the below photos.


Jellyfish dress for Karla Cola

Short sleeved swing dress

Sleeveless summer dress 


What I adore about this print, is the simplicity in repeat, in contrast to the details within each jellyfish. The colours also look great and I love how the yellow ‘pops out’ here and there.

It was a fun design to work on and I have to say, the dress looks great on Karla (owner of Karla Cola). Don’t you just love the accessories?!


Pretty hairbands and matching jellyfish earings.



All photographs were taken and are the owned by Karla Cola. Please refrain from using them but if you wish to share, please credit Karla Cola. Thank you! 🙂


Emma Jayne x