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TRIPLE LOOKS : one red skirt




Do you ever buy anything and it stays in your wardrobe for ages?  I had my eye on this midi-length skater skirt for some time, and bought a red one during Spring, this year.  Every time I pulled it out from the wardrobe, I would get excited about wearing it. However, I didn’t have a clue what would go with it, so back it went, into the closet!  After 6 months of the skirt gathering dust, I decided that I would search for a top that I could wear with it and found three that I thought would fit perfectly.  The skirt is rather versatile and works very well with a silk, aztec, sleeveless blouse, a grey & rose print sleeveless tank-top and a red oversized chequered (checkered sweater, for my American friends) jumper. They all look good, in very different ways!

The pics were taken by a dear friend who is a great photographer… a message to her, “Thank you!”


Look one

Aztec top moodboard

This silk top is very comfortable and light. I would order a smaller size, as it is a generous fitting. Alternatively, you could wear it with red jeans or a pencil skirt. It only cost £16 from ASOS.


Look two

Red chequered jumper

This oversized jumper is lovely and warm. It is cropped and has side zips. It feels great on and is only £19.99 from MANGO. Bargain!


Look three

Grey graphic top

I love graphic printed t-shirts and this one definitely gives an edgy look! It’s a nice contrast with the pretty and feminine skater skirt. At £12 from ASOS, you could get two!!


Is there one look that you prefer from these, and have you something in your wardrobe that you haven’t managed to find a garment to go with?







Halloween Makeup


Halloween is just around the corner! It’s time to buy a variety of sweets and decorate the front of the house. There are lots of cool ideas out there at the moment. I have noticed, possibly more than others, alternative pumpkin decorating –  painted, rather than carved designs – and some great party food ideas too.

What my daughter and I both love most about Halloween is getting dressed up. I wanted to try out a couple of make-up ideas and Yasmin and her lovely friend Holly, volunteered to model for me. Yasmin opted for a sugar-skull look and Holly, a zombie. Even though they are now both 13, they still love the whole Halloween experience and going trick-or-treating with their friends.  I had great fun creating these looks and hope that you will find the step by step instructions easy to follow 🙂





Zombie look title

Holly 1

Step one – make sure your face is moisturised and clear of any make-up.  I recommend that you put on the costume before applying the make-up, as the white foundation is likely to stain your outfit when pulling it over your head.


Holly 2

Step two – start applying the white foundation all over the face. You can achieve an even coverage if you use a sponge and don’t be alarmed if your face gets a bit warm. It won’t last long!


Holly 3

Step three – once you are happy with the the white foundation, start applying the black eye-shadow with gentle pressure. Ensure that it covers the entire eye socket, including eyelids and underneath the eye.


Holly 4

Step four – apply depth and definition to the cheeks. I used the black eye-shadow again and gently smudged (feathered) the edges, using a blusher brush.


Holly 5

Step 5 – now draw on the eyebrows with the black eye pencil. You can have fun here and experiment with different types. If you have covered the natural eyebrows well, then apply the black pencil higher above the brow bone.


Holly 6

Step six – First, I applied black lipstick to the top lip, then with a steady hand, drew the rest of the details onto Holly. If you want finer lines for the stitches, try using a thin, damp paintbrush, dip it into the shadow, then onto the face.


Holly 7

Step seven – when you are happy with the make-up, then put on your wig. Remember to tie your hair back first, so to make sure that no straying hairs are peeping out. Then, viola!  Your zombie is ready to frighten your neighbours.


Mexican sugar skull look title

Yas 1

To achieve the Mexican sugar skull look, start off by following the instructions above, but missing out the eyebrows and thin line at either side of the mouth. Add a brown shade at the edge of the black areas around the eye sockets. After this, apply the rest of the details i.e. dots, scrolls and black nose.

Another idea is to incorporate glitter on the eyes or have small gems strategically placed on the forehead. Finally to complete the look, plait the hair and fold the plaits across the front of the hairline and put on a floral headband.


Happy Halloween!