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Children’s fashion prints



I’m thrilled to share with you just a few of my recent patterns for children’s fashion prints. Hmm… I’ve noticed they all have either blue or green tones in them! Blue and green must be popular colours for childrenswear.

These were commissions for four different clients and they’re all based on animals, apart from one – the green and red design with camper-vans, Christmas trees and s’mores.

I do enjoy designing for fashion, especially for children, although I wouldn’t refuse designing for ladies and menswear! When I have a design in mind for fashion, I like to envisage how they’d appear on the garments, i.e. placement print for a top, pattern on a dress or leggings etc.  I get a lot of inspiration from visiting fashion stores on the high street and on Pinterest. I’d love to produce prints for high end brands too. Perhaps one day!

Here are my latest children’s fashion prints. I’m going to share with you the actual artwork and how they look, once made up into garments.

Children’s fashion prints




Two Birdees

I worked to directed colour palettes for these and they were produced in Illustrator, which I rarely use, but is great for flat colour and crisp lines. The festive camper-vans item also comes in adult sizes!


Freddie Fox and Co

Very colourful yet bold colour palette. The client loves strong, bright colours.


Private Commission

The sea-life icons are a particular favourite for this client. She loves sharks and seahorses.


Mum Fun

This pattern was inspired from the client’s holiday to Sri Lanka. I initially painted the animals and foliage, then finished off in Photoshop.


I’ve been working on more fashion prints and I really can’t wait to show you these! Stay tuned to find out ….


Emma Jayne x

Designs for apparel



Gosh it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post! I’m sure it’s not too late to say that I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

January was such a busy month for me, work-wise. I had quite a few projects to concentrate on. All the better to keep me out of mischief!!

I’d like to share with you a sock sample that popped through my letterbox recently. It’s a design I created for the super funky brand, Sock It To Me.

I must say, the colours and fabric quality are fabulous! Sometimes when making up a design, the icons can look a tad ‘squiffy’, however, I’m amazed how good the hedgehog and cacti look on the fabric, when compared to my artwork on-screen. A superb job!

Designs for apparel

Here is my final sock design – Lookin’ Sharp

I’ve also been working on a few other fashion brands, creating patterns for childrenswear. It has been great fun and a nice change from producing illustrations. That’s one of the many things I love about what I do; I get to work on a great variety of projects!

Here’s a pattern I produced, based on the ocean, for Freddie Fox and Co. It’s called “Underwater Odyssey”.

For this pattern, I made the icons bright, so that they ‘pop out’ against the teal background. It was a fun design to work on!

I’ll keep you posted about the other fashion brands, once the designs have been printed and are in production 🙂

Emma Jayne x