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Inspiring artist






Is there someone who you really admire and is an inspiration to you? Well I have been a huge fan of Aitch’s work for some time, and recently, I have been drooling over her fashion print patterns for Sandra Mansour’s autumn and winter, 2016-2017 collection. Sandra’s fashion range is stunning and I have my eye on a few pieces. I would seriously love to be able to produce pattern designs for a clothing range. That is one of my ultimate goals! To me, Aitch is such an inspiring artist.

Aitch takes inspiration for her work from a variety of sources. These include what she sees on her travels, naturalistic illustrations, native art, childhood memories, legends & folklore,  and many more. She creates gorgeous patterns and illustrations for clients worldwide.

In the main, what I love about her work is her loose yet controlled, painterly style and use of bright colours combined with black.  Her work consists of bold shapes with watercolour. Aitch’s work is striking and very distinctive in appearance. In this blog post, I want to share with you a range of my favourite pieces. I’m sure you’ll recognise some of her illustrations and love them as much as I do!

Inspiring artist

Pattern designs for fashion










Illustrative Product design






Surface pattern






If you’d like to see more of Aitch’s work then check her out here  Aitch is also on Facebook too.

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Happy Valentine’s




It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I’m sure many couples will be planning something special. I will however, be spending some of the day with my partner, Neil. Weather permitting, we may go for a stroll in the countryside, then it will great to relax with a hot drink and a slice of cake in a splendid, quaint café. We don’t do the over-priced, restaurant-on-Valentine’s thing, as we find it a tad cheesy, being in the company of other, love-struck couples on Valentine’s day. Surely, as the whole idea of Valentine’s is to express your love for your partner, is that not better done in private?  Still, each to their own.

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of Valentine’s related images around. You can’t really escape them on T.V. & radio adverts, in shops, on the internet etc., so I thought I’d share with you some pretty and inspirational Valentine’s images.

Happy Valentine’s



Perhaps you’d like to paint your nails with a variety of pretty, pink shades
I love this illustrated Valentine’s card!
‘Love’ neon sign
Who doesn’t love macaroons, especially with edible painted flowers!
Rose petal love heart 
Hand-crafted paper flowers


Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Emma Jayne x