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Tropical Rainforest print scarf design






It’s a great feeling when you get positive feedback from your work, whether that be on Facebook, twitter, your blog or instagram. Well, I was approached on instagram, asking if I wanted to enter a scarf competition. I was really flattered to be asked and jumped at the opportunity to design a scarf for the Russian market! I’m quite new to competitions and last year entered Lilla Rogers GTS 2015. I was however, unfortunate to not get selected but it that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to enter the GTS again this year!

For the competition I created a tropical rainforest print scarf design, as I love tropical flowers and foliage. The shapes and colours are so lush and they make me think of exotic places, that I’d love to visit sometime soon.

Tropical Rainforest print scarf design

My final scarf design is perfect for the summer. It reflects the exotic, bold, floral blooms and leafy botanicals of the tropical rainforest.

The tropical rainforest motifs are large in scale, to give the design a contemporary look. I have combined strong shapes, with a scattering of smaller florals and leaves. I chose contrasting shades of pink and green, which work well against the softer pale green background. This gives the design strength and sophistication, perhaps relating to the aspirations of the modern, Russian woman.

In designing this piece, my objective was to take the wearer to somewhere new, to add a sense of adventure. I want the wearer to look and feel feminine, sexy and confident; to be vibrant and full of positivity; to be, all at once, colourful, pretty, and have an air of undoubtable sophistication.

The design has a painterly feel, which I imagine will look amazing when printed onto silk fabric. I can visualize my scarf design worn loosely around the neck or alternatively, tied around the head, to protect the hair from the wind and sun.

Initial drawings

Here are a selection of my initial drawings for the scarf design.






Design development

I thought about perhaps adding an abstract background, which would look perfect in my scarf design. Here are a couple of ideas that I played around with.




Linear design layout ideas



Final Tropical rainforest print scarf design

I was very unsure about the abstract pattern in the background, when developing my scarf design, so I dropped it. I kept to a plain coloured background with subtle circle shapes, as the motifs popped out better and didn’t fight against the colours and abstract shapes. It was however, fun playing around with mark making and seeing what effects I could make with my paintbrushes.

Here is my final scarf design. I decided to add a border, using deeper colours within the central design.


Now it’s time to wait.  The winner will be announced in just over a week’s time, so fingers crossed!  🙄


Emma Jayne x


Floral fashion for Spring




It’s that time of year when I get inspired by all the beautiful fashions in the stores and on-line. I like to browse and see what’s around, then I’ll select a few pieces and decide from there. I tend to choose up to ten items and then narrow it down to say, four or five that I’d like to add to my wardrobe. From the selection, I think the colours are extremely pretty with a combination of pastel and bright shades and they all sit perfectly with black, don’t you think?

In this blog post I’ve selected the few items of floral fashion for spring, including a couple of accessories too i.e. sandals and earings. They all have some sort of detailing, whether that be a printed pattern, embroidery or beaded embellish. You can dress the fashion pieces up with heels, or for a daytime look, put on some flats with a pair of jeans. There’s so much choice, depending on when you can see yourself wearing them.


Floral fashion for Spring



1_ Floral top
2_ Bomber jacket
3_ Heeled sandals
4_ Floral leather jacket (with matching skirt)
5_ Dress
6_ Floral lace top
7_ Stud earings

If you love florals as much as I do, because they’re so wearable and never go out of fashion, then why not check out some more floral inspiration here.

Happy shopping and I’d love to see what floral finds you see or buy.


Emma Jayne x