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Floral inspiration




When ever I look at flowers, I think of Spring. Yet it’s only round the corner, hurrah!!

On a recent illustration project, I’ve been painting flowers. As always before a new project, I collate research and I’ve gathered a few beautiful flower designs for some floral inspiration. Whether you love flowers like me and need to update your home (the clock and scented candle for example) or wardrobe (dress and clutch), or you simply like to look at different drawing styles & colour combinations, I’m sure these fabulous finds will excite your creative juices! We’re just not quite in the spring season, so I’ve kept to a sombre, winter colour palette, with:  soft, warm greys, spicy turmeric, turquoise blues, deep reds and black.

Floral inspiration


1_ wall clock
2_ floral skirt
3_ greeting card
4_ scented candle
5_ floral dress
6_ floral top
7_ embellished clutch


Emma Jayne x


Womens fitness outfits




I’ve made myself a new year’s resolution and so far, I have managed to stick to it! Hurrah!! I’m actually feeling pretty proud of myself, and for January 2016, I have decided that it’s about time that I started taking better care of myself, starting with exercise. I used to run and go to the gym two to three times per week, whereas over the last couple of years, I have done hardly any (unless you count as exercise, walking to the nearest supermarket and back!).

Because I work at home during the week, I don’t really get chance to get outside much. You’ll usually find me glued to a chair at my computer, researching and creating my lovely designs. The lack of exercise will not be good for me, in the long run.  I’d like to think I’ll be fit and healthy when I’m older and I see exercising as a future investment. If you always take regular exercise, by the time you are in your older age, you’ll stay fit, be flexible and maintain your independence. I have noticed that my muscles are already weaker than they were, say, two years ago. Just before Christmas, I took part in a step fitness class and after about only ten minutes, my leg muscles were aching. How terrible is that?! I just knew that my fitness levels weren’t good and I haven’t been back to the class, because yes, it’s just too strenuous for me!

I took the opportunity to register with my local gym and begin with lifting weights and using the gym equipment. This would enable me to exercise in my own pace and I could decide on which areas of my body to work on at different times. Whilst exercising, I’ll be managing my diet too. So far, I’ve cut down on sugar and portion sizes, as I often like a sweet treat as a snack and I know that my meals have become bigger over time.

It is important to wear the correct gym clothing; those which are flexible and comfortable to wear. I’d like to share with you some women’s fitness outfits which I have my eyes on. Each outfit has either pattern, detailing, or both.

Womens fitness outfits


How cool is this charcoal grey and yellow outfit by Fashercise.



I love the black and splash of vibrant colours in this outfit by H&M.


What more can I say! It’s pink and another gorgeous outfit by Fashercise.



This orange and black outfit by Urban Outfitters has lovely mesh detailing down the sides of the leggings.



Loving the textures and colour combination in this NIKE outfit.



Super cool outfit by MISSGUIDED.



I adore the pattern on this foldaway backpack by Paperchase. It’s just what you need to carry all of your gym attire.


If you’d rather keep fit at home, then check out this exercise workout for beginners. It provides an easy routine to get you started. I’ll keep you up to date with how my fitness levels progress and share any useful tips that I’ll have learned. I’m aiming to loose fourteen pounds (one stone, or about 6.5Kg) by Easter. If any of you have any good tips, please share them! I’d love to know if you’re wanting to feel healthy and loose weight too.


Emma Jayne x