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Mini break to Whitby




Did you have a great bank holiday weekend? I spent the weekend holidaying on the east coast of England.

I’m not the type of person who takes their main holiday once a year, during the summer months. I much prefer to take mini breaks, because then you can enjoy a change of scenery and some ‘me’ time, a few times throughout the year. During the bank holiday weekend, Neil, Yasmin, Yasmin’s friend Millie and I stayed in a little village to the south of Scarborough. I was actually pleasantly suprised by how lovely this part of the UK is. I didn’t expect it to be unpleasant, mind you. There is so much beautiful countryside and a lot of pretty properties scattered around.

Whilst we were there, we visited Whitby. This was our mini break to Whitby and I haven’t been there for quite a while, probably about twenty years (that’s quite a long time ago!!). You could say, it was very busy! I planned to visit Whitby Abbey, the old town and harbour, and then look around other parts, if time permitted. The views when you reach the top of the 199 steps, near Whitby Abbey are breath-taking. You’re pretty high up and can see virtually the whole of Whitby!

I was given a new camera by Neil, which was very nice of him, and I couldn’t wait to take some photographs of Whitby. Here is just a selection of the many that I took. You’ll notice that the weather was bright and sunny.

Mini break to Whitby


Whitby Abbey.





Colourful boats in the harbour.



Look who popped up behind me!



Neil feeling relieved after walking up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey.



Ahoy matey!



Me enjoying the views of Whitby from the top, near Whitby Abbey.



Close up view of Whitby from part of the 199 steps.




Morris dancers!



Yasmin and her friend Milly having a good time in Whitby.


If you’d like to know more about Whitby, then click here.

Emma Jayne x


Newly decorated studio






Newly decorated studio

I am really excited about being able to work in my newly decorated studio. I’m loving the freshly painted white walls and new furniture. It’s a lovely blank canvas and I’ve already started filling one wall with magazine cuttings, postcards, prints and some older, freelance project work, which I still like to look at.

On the opposing wall, I have put up a gorgeous white and turquoise, geometric patterned wallpaper. It was an absolute bargain, at just £10.50 per roll! I used Solvite wallpaper adhesive to apply the wallpaper to the wall. The Solvite adhesive was extremely easy to make up; it comes in a powder form, and all you need to do is simply add water. That’s it!!

I’m so happy with the finished look. The basics are complete and I just have a few decorative items to add, to make it more personal and inspiring to work in.




Look how drab the room looks. Nothing matches and it looks so uninspiring!




What a difference! It actually looks bigger and much brighter now.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the UK’s market leading wallpaper adhesive. With a specially developed Solvite product for every stage of the job, from preparing the wall to repairing existing wall-coverings, it’s no wonder that Solvite is the UK’s favourite choice, celebrating 50 years in the business!

Since 1964, Solvite has been helping customers add character and flare to homes all over the UK. Solvite’s formulation has been created by professionals since the ’60s; indeed, its popularity led to its national brand status and has helped Solvite to become one of the most recognised brands in Britain.



My inspiration wall. It’s colourful and full of images that keep me motivated!


Solvite began as a small family business appealing to painters and decorators in the local area of Fylde, situated on the spectacular Lancashire coast. As the nation began to adopt a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude, the business began to flourish and became increasingly popular in the wider consumer market.

After being acquired by Henkel in 1973, one of Europe’s largest chemical companies, the brand continues to go from strength to strength, and today is the UK’s clear market leader in wallpaper adhesives, celebrating 50 years! Go Solvite!!



I’m in love with my wallpaper! It’s just been applied to one wall and the pattern isn’t too heavy.

To celebrate and showcase the rich heritage and on-going strength of the brand after 50 years in the market, Solvite has produced a unique crest design which will feature on Solvite’s All purpose Wallpaper Adhesive (10 roll x 20 sachet) and 20 Roll Dec Box with 50% Extra Free. I was lucky to sample the sachet, which I found very easy to make and there was plenty left over.

The crest not only marks this important milestone for the company, but also symbolises its continual dedication and loyalty to providing customers with products they can trust. This will be accompanied by the iconic Hanging Man.

The Solvite range includes a variety of products for professional and DIY novices, from the new So Easy Liquid Concentrate adhesive to the latest Expert Gel wallpaper remover!



I have a large shoe collection (at present I have about seventy pairs!) and the only place I can store them is in the studio! The lightshade is vintage. I gave it a new look by spray painting it gold.



The green waste-paper bin doubles up as paper storage.  I love this shade of green – it’s so bold!


Here are some interesting DIY and decorating trends

_ Kirstie Allsopp is Britain’s most admired celebrity when it comes to homes and interiors, coming top of a list of well-known homes and DIY celebs (I really enjoying her craft making programmes) – one in three women and 1 in 4 men claim she was the celebrity they most admire.

_ The glossy high-tech kitchens we see on cookery shows are influencing how we want our kitchens to look- two thirds of people of first time buyer age are preparing to install a new kitchen when they move into their new home.

_ A quarter of men of first time buyer age expect to have their own games room by the time they are 50!

_ New generation of first time buyers are increasingly more savvy in terms of interior design in general and therefore they’re not put off by having to do a bit of refurbishment work themselves, such as design/installing a new kitchen for example.



I’ve started to collect Sonny Angel dolls. My daughter thinks I’m having a mid-life crisis, but I just love them!! I just need to few more, so this little fella doesn’t get lonely  🙂




Don’t you think neon colours look fab with white? This is my new cushion and the pattern is so striking!




This is an old poster that I designed a few years ago. I’m going to add a couple more posters in the studio, which is why it isn’t on the wall yet. I need to find which wall it looks best on, once I have done the remaining art work.


In future posts, I will be doing lots of DIY projects. The room needs a few extra touches, so keep a look out!

For more details about Solvite, visit