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I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit and have been thinking more (obsessing?) about Christmas day.  This year, Neil and I will be doing something totally different for our Christmas dinner.  We’re going to China Town, in Manchester.  I wonder, do the Chinese restaurants get all Chrismassy?!  Whether they do or not, I am sure it will be interesting and enjoyable.  We are very much looking forward to it.

We decided to have a total change, due to us not seeing our families until after Christmas.  Most of our family members work on Christmas day (my brother is a chef, my sister is a nurse and Neil’s sister is tied up too.)  No doubt the phone will be ringing non-stop, and we’ll get to speak to various family members.  Will you be doing anything different on Christmas day, perhaps breaking with tradition?

Of course, an advantage of not seeing family & friends until afterwards, is that it makes Christmas last a bit longer.  I will get to open presents on Christmas day and Boxing day!  We just need to make a decision about whose house to go to though.  As far as Neil is concerned, whoever has the best (read ‘most’) food, wins!

For those who will be celebrating Christmas on the day and will be hosting a Christmas dinner party, I’d like to show you some ideas which are just fabulous! They are contemporary and I’m sure you will be inspired.


Christmas dinner party ideas


What I love about this dinner setting are the contrasts in the patterns i.e. triangular-flag table cloth, pin-striped plate and dogtooth patterned napkin.  For extra detail, there are deer, red berries and wooden cutlery. This colour combinations is contemporary and just fab!   (image from flickr)



This Christmas table setting is so colourful and pretty. I’m loving the coloured Christmas trees, snow detail, toy soldiers and the tiny wrapped gifts. It looks so exciting!  (image from cocokelley)



Another monochrome colour theme, with yellow. The napkin and named bauble with the bow detail, is so simple. I imagine that the folded paper trees are easy to make too.  (image from goodhousekeeping)



What a pretty gold and white colour theme!  This table setting looks so magical.  All you need are gold spotted plates, doilies; white table ornaments, such as trees, reindeer and acorns.  Then add a few pink glittered pine cones and gold crackers.  (image from Tori Jane)



How cute are these Christmas trees?  The trees are made from baby bottle brushes,then coloured.  Martha Stewart shows you how to make them.  I love the gift tag with the striped chord. For the table cloth, you’ll need a red cloth and then place over the top a doily/cut out table cloth.  (image from flickr)



This card reindeer table name card is so cute and playful. You would only need white crockery for it to sit on. Use paper reindeer cups and milk bottles, tied with bells and ribbon for extra detail.  (image from 100layercake)



This table setting looks so simple, yet glamorous! All you will need are a couple of sequinned baubles and ribbon, tied around a white linen napkin for each person.  You will need gold cutlery to finish off this look.  (image from everythingfab)



I love how simple this Christmas table setting looks. To achieve this look, print a black tree with fabric paint on a plain white napkin. For the napkin ring, you could use elasticated wooden bead bracelets and attach the bauble. For the flag, use coloured parcel take and cut out a section, as seen above.  (image from lebutikofie.blogspot)



This is such a stylish table setting. I love how the colour green is injected within the details i.e. rim of white napkin, hints of green in the glass bauble, green wine glass and the central foliage. Gold hints are used for the cutlery, spotted tumbler and thin gold ribbon around the black polka dot gifts.  (image from cocokelley)


I hope you like the Christmas dinner party ideas. You can see them and more on my Pinterest board. I can’t decide which one is my favourite. Please let me know if you get inspired by any of these for your own party.  I’d love to see any photos of what you do!





5 Responses to “Christmas dinner party ideas”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Thanks for sharing, there are some awesome ideas here! I wish our dinner table at home looked this nice! Time to put some effort into it this year. 😉

    Olivia x

  2. Emma Allsup Says:

    Hi Olivia

    These ideas are great aren’t they! It doesn’t take much to present a lovely dinner table setting. Just make sure you have a colour theme and get some crackers or napkins that you like, then add a few little decorative pieces, like Christmas ornaments, glitter and name cards. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun putting together a fabulous setting for your guests. If you put a bit of yourself into it, it will look great no matter what you do!

    Have a lovely Christmas!

    Emma Jayne x

  3. Sari jane Says:

    Ohh I adore the yellow and black table setting combination! Nice change from the usual red/green combos

  4. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Yes I love this colour combination too! It’s great to be a bit more original and I’m sure party guests will love seeing other colours other than the traditional red/green colour scheme.

    Emma Jayne x

  5. curtis03 Lewis Says:

    This actually gave me a great idea for my friend’s surprise birthday party! This is truly beautiful, I have to say. Everything looks nice and the pictures are really wonderful. Right now I’m just going through some LA event venues for the same.

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