Christmas dinnerware collection



It’s not long now ’til Christmas and we have bought all of our family and friends’ Christmas presents. However, there’s still all the wrapping to do, which will take some time! My family is expanding so I’ve had to buy for more people. Thankfully, I have managed to find some great deals, which is especially helpful for my bank balance!

Whilst we’re on the subject of Christmas, the Foliofocus course is now finished and Christmas was the theme for our final brief. I decided to create a Christmas dinnerware collection.

Last year, I created illustrations based from the ‘12 days of Christmas‘ and I wasn’t quite happy with a couple of them, so I redesigned those. The two plates, cup and bowl all have birds on them, representing the first four days from the well-known Christmas carol. They have a minimal, elegant style and are in bright, contemporary colours.

Through the MATS and Foliofocus courses, I have become much more aware of market trends and have learned more more about commercial design. This has happened predominantly through social media and my being part of different artist groups, where you get to network and see lots of fabulous work. I love Pinterest and Instagram and I follow various different designers. It is wonderful to be able to see how each person develops through their current projects.

On reflection, my own progress as a designer, from when I got back into Surface Pattern over eighteen months ago, has developed so much. It is a difficult career to get established in, yet I’m determined to make it as a professional designer. My portfolio is ever-evolving and it becomes stronger all the time. I love to experiment and work with a variety of media, depending on what I’m working on. The main techniques I use most often are, watercolour, gouache, and collage, and I now tend to develop my initial drawings in Photoshop and Illustrator. Sometimes, I like to draw just using Photoshop.

I’ve not updated my on-line portfolio for a few months and will be doing this just after Christmas. I’ll let you know when I have done it (quite exciting!!). Here is my final Christmas dinnerware collection that I’d like to share with you.

Christmas dinnerware collection



Are you ready for Christmas and are there any projects you’d like to share?


Bye for now,

Emma Jayne x