Circus themed baby design ideas



I’m currently working on a range of gift wrap patterns, and I’ve collated quite a few images of circus themed baby design ideas. For baby gift wrap, I want to use soft colours with much brighter tones, as well as all of the images I’ve gathered are from my +Baby+ board, on Pinterest.

I’ve not designed patterns for babies before, only for children, so this is a new challenge for me. I’m very much looking forward to producing fun, stylised work with some cute circus characters. When I design my baby gift wrap, I intend to make my animals minimal, concentrating on the overall shapes. I’m also thinking of using collage. I believe this will work well, especially if I cut out shapes from a range of patterned papers. The collaged pieces will have lovely clean edges, something which is currently very commercial.

I’m just loving the idea of combining strong, tertiary colours with pretty, delicate shades. These colours definitely sit well together, with the cream acting as an in-between colour. I choose cream because I feel white would be too harsh as the background colour for my designs.

Just look at all the cuteness in my moodboard!

Circus themed baby design ideas



Emma Jayne x