Colourful floral perfume card set





Week two of the Foliofocus, portfolio building course is now over, and I have created a colourful, floral perfume card set (that’s a bit of a tongue twister!). I must say, I’ve had lots of fun with this.

The brief  asked us to concentrate on florals and to include lace within our designs. I placed some delicate lace texture on two of the cards and also on one of the envelope inserts.

Most of the images I used within the card range are re-purposed elements from previous projects. I created additional perfume bottle silhouettes and the assorted patterns on the envelope inserts. I’ve also gone for vibrant, bolder colours and have incorporated the silhouette shapes with detailed watercolour perfume bottles and flowers. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the final collection.

Here are my final card designs. I’ve kept two with similar compositions and the last design has an all-over, half drop repeat. The pattern design is suitable for use on lots of other items; gift-wrap, gift bags, cushions and fashions accessories, to name but a few.


Colourful floral perfume card set



Two designs with a similar design composition. As you can see, there is a subtle lace pattern in the background on both designs.



Here is my all-over, half-drop repeat pattern design. My aim was to create a contemporary half drop pattern.



Tah dah!! Here is my final colourful perfume card set! This collection would look perfect in a beautifully decorated presentation box, something I will revisit and design in the near future.

If you’ve missed what I designed for week one, you can see it here.


Emma Jayne x



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