Colourful portrait prints





Colourful portrait prints

I’ve been drawing people for this week’s Foliofocus and have actually, really enjoyed producing portraits! I’m going to add these colourful portrait prints to my Etsy shop. They’re stylised, fashionable and fun, and I’ve added positive quotes to them too.

I started off by drawing random female faces using graphic marker pens and pencil crayon. Then I decided to have a go at drawing portraits on the computer. To get the proportions right, I first drew the faces in pencil and pen, then scanned and worked them up in PhotoShop. I loved using the tools in PhotoShop as paintbrushes. However, I am only using a mouse at the moment, so the lines are pretty jagged, which I suppose stops the artwork from looking too perfect/ clip art. I’d like to experiment on a tablet and pen, to achieve a more looser feel. I have used a tablet in the past, briefly, which did feel rather alien to me and I ended up getting frustrated. I just needed to have more patience and practice.

My initial portrait studies.




Here is my final design for week seven’s Foliofocus course. I’m happy with the end result, especially the colour palette and how I’ve achieved the shading on the face. For the clothing I used an abstract print, which links to last week’s work, Bright abstract dinnerware collection. I wanted the print to have a positive message too, so I chose something that I feel strongly about i.e. ‘JUST BE YOU, everyone else is taken’.




I decided to have another go at a portrait and so drew my daughter Yasmin. I kept the colours soft and fresh and again, got my daughter wearing an abstract patterned top, like the first portrait.

Here is the initial sketch, which I later finished off in PhotoShop. As you can make out, I’ve drawn on the reverse of an old letter! If I can’t find a sheet of paper in my studio, then I’ll just use anything that’s lying around and not needed anymore.




Final colourful portrait print of my daughter, with ‘YOU MAKE ME SMILE’ quote.



I must say, that I’m loving the assignments on the Foliofocus course and feel that I’m eventually producing a ‘style’ that feels right for me. I just need to practice with the techniques I’m using and to get started drawing on a tablet!


Have a good week!  🙂

Emma Jayne x