Contemporary hallway makeover moodboard



Just over one year ago, we decorated quite a few rooms (all at once I have to say!) and yes, the house looked like a building site. I think altogether, it had taken three months to strip, paint and carpet five rooms. One area of the house that still needs updating is the hallway and I’ve put together a, contemporary hallway makeover moodboard.

The front entrance to my home is quite dark, as we’re situated within a corner, with a few tall trees from stopping some of the sunlight getting through.  It’s great having a corner plot, especially the views we have of the Welsh mountains from the back of the house, yet from where we are positioned, we get limited daylight on the front. So, it is important for me, that when decorating the hallway, it feels fresh and bright.

I love colour, art, pattern and line, so my moodboard combines all of these together. With white walls and and perhaps a yellow feature wall, running up the stairs, a patterned floor would look perfect. For the floor, I have selected geometric patterned tiles in blue and white. How fun would it be to have the stairs painted in a collection of pretty pastel shades. The colours chosen, are complimentary to the blue and white tiles floor, as well as the white and yellow feature walls.

To add more interest/detail to the hallway, I think the wall art and vase will do just that, and to add a bit of a contemporary twist, the console table with its clean lines, will balance perfectly with the angles of the stairs and patterned floor tiles.

For some glamour, the copper telephone and chandelier adds a bit of dazzle to the existing matt tones i.e. walls, stairs and wall art.

Here are some items that I’ve collated for a colourful and contemporary, hallway makeover.

Contemporary hallway makeover moodboard

Mirror/ painting / chandelier / stairs / vase / telephone / floor tiles / console table

Overall, I think the whole collection kind of looks Mediterranean and inviting.  Does this moodboard inspire you to decorate your hallway using these colours and patterns?


Emma Jayne x