Cute monster character illustration





Week eight on the Folio-focus course was all about monsters. I have never drawn monsters before and couldn’t wait to get started. I wanted to create a cute monster character illustration for children’s apparel and as I didn’t have anything like this in my portfolio, it makes a great addition.

I produced a few monster doodles first, as a warm up, then scanned them and worked them up in PhotoShop.


Because winter has arrived and it has become cold outside, I dressed some of them in scarves and sweaters. Monsters still feel the cold, don’t you know!


Cute monster character illustration

Here’s my finished cute monster character illustration. I’ve kept with the winter theme, displaying the monsters in a snowy, mountain landscape.


Here is my final illustration in context, on a baby’s vest with coordinating woolly hat.



Some great, breaking news! I have been approached by a party event company, to design stationery for their clients! They saw my work on social media and I sent them a few wedding stationery designs that I created. My cute monster character illustration would also be just perfect on a children’s party invite. After all, children’s parties tend to be fully of cute, cheeky monsters!





Hope you have a great week and keep warm!  😎


Emma Jayne x