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Every December, we usually buy a new wreath to decorate the front door. This year, I saw so many creative and colourful designs, that I was inspired to give it a go and make my own. It just had to be multi-coloured and eye-catching; modern and on trend!  There are many types of Christmas wreaths which are popular at the moment and I’m currently in love with the quirky, craft styles.

When making my own DIY Christmas wreath, I used brightly coloured pom poms and found it really easy to do. This is simply because I had the right tools for the job. I bought four packets of coloured pom-poms, a glue gun, a pack of spare glue sticks and an oasis – all from Hobby Craft. How quick it was to apply glue to each pom-pom and stick onto the polystyrene oasis. So Simple!!

The sun came out whilst I was working on my Christmas wreath, so of course I set up my camping table, and enjoyed the sunshine, whilst DIYing! It was a good day to be out  in the garden and making the most of the sun while it lasted  😛

I want to show you how it easy it was to make my pom-pom Christmas wreath, so why not have a go for yourself, using the step-by-step instructions below:



What you will need: oasis (range from £1 to £3 each) , 4 packs of pom-poms (range from £1 to £4 each), glue gun (mini size £5) and glue sticks (mini size £2).


All the kit at Hobby Craft is pretty reasonably priced, with them each being less than £5. To make your wreath, you will first be required to plug in the glue gun. Insert one glue stick and let it warm up for approximately five minutes. Then empty the pom-pom bags and lay these out with the oasis, so that you have everything to hand.



Once the glue gun feels warm to touch (which should be after about five minutes), start by adding two drops of glue to each larger pom-pom and place strategically around the oasis.



Then, place other coloured pom-poms in-between the first set.



Once you have glued down the larger sized pom-poms, begin to glue the smaller ones. For each of these, you will only need one drop of glue. Try to fill in the gaps, so that you can’t see the white oasis.



Violá, it is now finished!  I hung my pom-pom Christmas wreath with lilac ribbon – This colour doesn’t distract you from the bright colours within the wreath.












Does it look good as a hat?!….nope… didn’t think so!


Here are a few other DIY alternatives (craft inspired)


Felt pom-pom wreath (I’d love to make felt – one day!)



Paper honeycomb wreath. The pale and deep pink shades add a modern twist to a traditional red and green colour theme.



Red & white rock wreath – it looks both pretty and tasty!



Origami wreath



Bauble & Christmas tree decoration wreath.


Have you made a Christmas wreath this year? I’d love to see it!  😉




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