DIY kitsch wreath





December has arrived, and in a couple of weeks it will be Christmas! It doesn’t seem anything like a year, since the last one. Time has flown by very quickly, and in the new year, I will be telling myself to slow down a little and not to let life whizz by.

I remember this time last year; I made a DIY pom-pom wreath and ceramic & hama bead Christmas tree decorations. In fact, I love them so much that I’ve decided to put them up again this year. I’m using the same Christmas tree as before. It’s a white one and the coloured baubles look stunning against the pale branches. This year, however, I bought a selection of vintage style decorations, as I’m a huge fan of the kitsch trend. Every year, I buy a new bauble. It seems to have become a family tradition and my daughter Yasmin, loves choosing a new tree decoration. She also loves playing old Christmas song classics whilst decorating the tree!

I want to show you how to make a DIY kitsch wreath, which is so fun to make. To find out how to attach the coloured pom-poms, visit last year’s DIY Christmas wreath post.

DIY kitsch wreath

After you’ve made the pom-pom wreath, then it’s time to apply the kitsch accessories.


To decorate your pom-pom wreath, choose a selection of dry flowers, butterflies, birds; even cute kitsch ornaments such as deer and miniature dolls.

Why not gather a variety of coloured items, some colours that are similar to the coloured pom-poms as well as other contrasting colours, to give your kitsch wreath the ‘WOW’ factor? I like the idea of making the kitsch items stand out.



Next stage is to place the kitsch accessories around your wreath. Here I have positioned the butterfly at the top and the bird at the bottom, then added the flowers in the spaces between.



Look how adorable the bird is! He’s sitting nicely on top of a bunch of super-soft pom-poms.



The flowers and butterflies really do look pretty!


Here are a few extra kitsch style wreaths, for inspiration.






All of the four examples were taken from Pinterest. You can find them on my Ho Ho Ho! board.



Emma Jayne x