Do what you love



It’s Friday (Yeayy!!) and I’m off on my jolly holidays later today. It’s only for a long weekend, but still, I’m looking forward to a relaxing break and a change of scenery! The selected fifty for the first round of the GTS 2016 was announced this morning. Sadly for me, I was not one of the chosen few. I do feel a tad disappointed, but there’s always next year! On the upside, I do feel fortunate that I currently work in a fabulous design studio, even though it’s only covering for maternity leave. More so, I’m building up my portfolio in my spare time (evenings & weekends) and I’ll have a few pattern designs from the studio experience to include too.

For all those of you lovely people who have not been successful in getting where you’d like to be right now, you must carry on with your passion. Do what you love and love what you do! With hard work and determination, you will get there. Just don’t give up! Here are some inspirational quotes for you, if you’d like a ‘pick me up’ or if you’d simply like to look at some hand-drawn typography.

Do what you love




Have a good weekend everyone!

Emma Jayne x  😎