‘Enchanted Garden’ inspiration



Spring is round the corner and it is exciting to know that the days are getting longer. If today is anything to go by, the weather is becoming warmer too!

During a recent visit to Tatton Park in Cheshire, I was moved to create another wedding stationery collection. As mentioned in my last article, stationery inspires me and of course, the possibilities for creating new designs are endless.

I am also keen to try different styles of calligraphy. Even though I have experience of this writing technique, I want to expand the types of style that I am comfortable doing. Practising calligraphy for wedding stationery seems very appropriate because of its romantic feel. It is a skill and an art form, and it can be used in place of images, to add extra personality and points of interest.

Here are a couple of examples of calligraphy that I have produced. As you can see, the script trials are sketchy and I am continuing to practising and perfect the technique,perhaps using a finer tip to create thinner lines. Watch this space for updates and improvements!



Test 01




Test 02



An artist that has perfected calligraphy and who inspires me is Stephanie Fishwick. She has her own contemporary style, which is beautiful and I love the quality of the line too. They are refreshing compared to some traditional styles out there. Check out her blog and see what inspires her.


Stephanie Fishwick’s calligraphy examples

Stephanie Fendwick 01


Stephanie Fendwick







As well as calligraphy, my stationery designs incorporate illustration. Patterns look equally as good on the reverse of the stationery. All these facets demonstrate my knowledge and skill in graphic, illustration and surface design.

I love the contrast of black text on a white background and vise-versa. My trip to Tatton Park prompted me to create an enchanted garden wedding stationery theme. Below is a moodboard of this theme (the photographs taken whilst there) and a board demonstrating the monochrome concept.


Enchanted Garden inspiration

Moodboard_Enchanted garden



Colour theme inspiration – taken from Snippet and Ink

Garden elegance moodboard


I will often spend 1 to 2 days on a brief, (although that does depend on the complexity of the project), however for this project I intend to spend a few more days on it – researching and experimenting, keeping an open mind and seeing where my ideas take me. I am intrigued and am very much looking forward to seeing what the end results that I produce will be.