Family Christmas commission



Social media is a wonderfully powerful medium, especially for designers. Only a couple of weeks ago, I produced three wintry scene illustrations, each with colourful houses. I loved creating these and they appeared to be pretty popular with the general public. As a result of my designs being seen on Instagram by someone, I was hugely fortunate and honoured for her to ask me to create an illustration of her family.

For the commission, I was asked to produce a family scene, consisting of all of them standing outside their house, with their two gorgeous bulldogs. I managed to capture the playfulness of the pet dogs and the bond between all the family members.

Every year, the family put up colourful fairy lights, and these were the final touch to the illustration. They add a little more colour against the white backdrop and also balance nicely with the colourful outfits worn by the family.

Here is the final illustration including the family name, followed by close ups of each of the family.

Family Christmas commission


Final family Christmas commission illustration.

Mother, father and two daughters.

Family home and the two pet dogs.


It would be fantastic to get more commissions like this one, incorporating my love for drawing people, animals, architecture and nature.

*Please refrain from using the illustrations. Thank you kindly!Β  πŸ™‚


Emma Jayne x