Finding my signature style



Here’s my update from BluePrint and Surtex. I had a positive result, gaining quite a lot of interest and some work from it, although I didn’t sell as many designs as I’d hoped to at the shows. Still, it was my first time with my work on display there, so we’ll see what more comes from it.

Since New York, I’ve been my usual self, busy creating artwork and finding my signature style. It’s been a continuous process for sometime now and I’m finally happy with the way my recent work is looking and how it feels.

Finding my signature style

I read quite a few design books and one quote in particular that I found very interesting was in Lisa Congdon’s, “Art inc” book. Lisa states, “Looking at the work of other artists can be motivating, but it can also be intimidating. You might question whether your work is original enough, or conversely, whether you fit into any particular trend. Turning off the computer, finding your own inspiration, and exploring your own creative process may get you further than studying the work of other visual artists”. I decided to take myself away from social media for a while (in terms of seeking influence) and just concentrate on creating work without any artist influence. I felt that by doing this, I would follow solely my own path to develop my signature style. I believe having confidence in your own abilities as a creative designer and experimenting & developing artwork that feels right for you, enables you to hear your own artistic spirit speaking to you. I love that feeling, when I’m fully absorbed in my own little design bubble, away from the outside world and not feeling as though my designs should look like somebody else’s work, whom I’ve admired. It’s the best!

I love shapes, colour and line and have been experimenting more precisely with these elements. Trying to find your own signature style is quite hard, in my opinion. As far as my handwriting goes, I could recognise it anywhere, however regarding my artwork, it has been rather more challenging. So far, I have loved experimenting with different techniques and materials, and therefore, my work hasn’t been as consistent in appearance. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been producing designs that I’m extremely happy with and I want to carry on working in this way, continuing to use the same materials and techniques.

Here are a couple of recent design pieces, where I’ve been working on my profile picture. The first one is where I have brown hair. I was a bit indecisive about it and so decided to create another profile illustration, this time me having blonde hair. In the second illustration, I’ve positioned the brown-haired version of myself in a frame in the background.



Both illustrations are stylised and are merely representations of myself. I purposely aimed for the shapes and lines to look ‘fluid’ and didn’t want them to appear too realistic. Overall, I’m really happy with the way they tuned out and will continue to work in this way.


Emma Jayne x



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  1. MaryJane Mitchell Says:

    These are really great Emma Jayne. Keep being true to you. MJ

  2. Emma Jayne Designs Says:

    Thank you MaryJane for your lovely comment.

    Emma Jayne 🙂

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