Garden illustration commission



I’m very excited to show you a recent garden illustration commission that I produced for TESCO. It’s in the March 2018 monthly magazine and the article is all about gardening. If you don’t have time to read the whole mag, just zoom along to page 92, where you will find my illustration.

Initially, I was given a layout showing where the text was to be placed, and this allowed me to see where to position the illustration. As you can see from my artwork (below), the text is positioned in the centre and the illustration acts as a border. There would have to be a gap between the artwork and the text, making sure the information is clearly legible.

Garden illustration commission

Here is my linear draft idea.

Tesco loved the first draft and asked for just a few alterations, which were done when producing the final illustration.

Final illustration.

As you can see, I replaced the garden shed, wellington boots and seed packets with flowers and plant pots. Also one of the bees and butterflies changed positions too.

Tesco liked the bright colours from some of my previous work, which helped when collating a suitable colour palette for the final design.

Overall, I’m happy with the garden illustration commission and hope people who read the magazine enjoy the article and feel inspired to prepare their garden for the upcoming spring and summer months.


Emma Jayne x





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