Geometric sportswear pattern designs




Sports bra, bag and shoes were taken from Zara and are available in white. My designs have been overlaid for the purpose of the design brief.


The first thing I’d like to say before revealing the content of this blog post is, “Sorry for the delay!”. I’ve been super busy over the past week and feel that I have had a thousand and one things to do. I am just calming myself down from a virtual panic attack. At times like this, when I have an unusually heavy workload, I write a list. I find it a huge help as it allows you to see clearly what you need to do.  There’s also a certain satisfaction that comes with ticking off each item as you do it.  I’m happy to say that there are only a few items which now need completing. Phew!!

Ok. I’ve been creating geometric sportswear pattern designs and have loved the creative process. It’s interesting because when I last created abstract prints, I totally immersed myself in the brief and just went for it! I didn’t have a final outcome in mind at all and let the flow carry me.  Well, the same has happened when producing my ‘Geometric abstract collection’. I just wanted to have fun and play around with colours, shapes, lines and textures, and that is precisely what I did!

When researching for my patterns, I was inspired by abstract art. I love how shapes are positioned within the space and how abstract art doesn’t replicate actual things, but instead uses design elements such as colour, shape, form and marks to achieve an effect. You will be able to identify with this when you see the visuals.

These are my initial experimental pieces:





Here are a couple of patterns that I created from my initial abstract pieces.




Geometric sportswear pattern designs

Here is my final geometric pattern collection for sportswear. Geometric surface designs seem to be popular on sportswear. Here’s a prime example. Would you agree with me on this one?



I’ve mixed angled figures with round shapes, which actually look great together. I created the textures in PhotoShop using the brush tool, and the polka dots were created in Illustrator.

Of all the designs, I have to say that my favourite one is on the sports bag. The shapes really work well in large scale, which is based on the pattern for the leggings. These were fairly hastily put into a repeat and I will to return to this pattern in the near future, and develop it further.


Happy creating!

Emma Jayne x