Global Talent Search 2016 design entry selection




By Colee Wilkinson

It’s that exciting time again when surface pattern designers and illustrators have the chance to ‘show off their skills & shine’, to Lilla Rogers. Each year, since 2013, Lilla Rogers has run a competition, through which she selects two or three winners to win a contract and be represented by her agency. The process sees the competitors going through three different stages. After the first stage, Lilla Rogers and her team select fifty competitors who go through to the next round. In fact,  the chosen fifty are to be announced on Friday 19th August, which is tomorrow! Eeek!!

In this blog post, I want to share with you just a hand-full of the Global Talent Search 2016 design entry selection. I have picked ten different designs, at random, whom I’ve had the pleasure of studying with on the MATS Bootcamp 2016. Even though I would love to show you lots more, if I did, most of my blog would be be taken up with GTS 2016 artwork! So, I may choose to show you more competition submissions in a future blog post.

For round one, we were asked to design a teacup, saucer and napkin. I don’t think I’ve ever designed a tea set and napkin before, so when I produced my design, I got very excited with all of the design possibilities. This was such a great brief! I will however, let you see my final design in my next blog post. For now, I will show you other people’s designs. I think you’ll definitely be amazed!

The designs for tea-ware are endless, which you’ll see as you scroll down. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

Global Talent Search 2016 design entry selection

Catherine Chalmers

By Catherine Chalmers

Tina Loffler

By Tina Loffler

Sarah Papworth

By Sarah Papworth

Ally Bryan

By Ally Bryan

Heidi Griffiths

By Heidi Griffiths

Devon Holzwarth

By Devon Holzwarth

Tatjana Mai-wyss

By Tatjana Mai-wyss

Sandrine Monnier

By Sandrine Monnier

Sarah Allen

By Sarah Allen


Here’s a sneaky peak of my design work!



There’s just one more sleep until the fifty designs will be selected and I wonder what and who Lilla Rogers will choose? Yes, I think it’s going to be a long night!!


Thanks for stopping by  😉

Emma Jayne x