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It’s been one week since the fifty semi-finalists were announced for the global talent search 2016. I was a tad disappointed when I found out that I wasn’t within this select group. I did, however, get an honourable mention, which is given to those who came very close to getting though. I’m actually pretty happy with that.  I shall continue to develop my style and portfolio, and will enter the GTS again, next year, hopefully stronger and better than before.


I want to share with you my artwork, from initial drawings to final design. First I began with a mind map, which helps me to devise a strong concept. The brief was to design a tea-cup, saucer and napkin. The images which immediately sprang to mind were characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.  It sounds a bit clichéd, as these stories are very popular, but at the end of the day, it’s how you translate your ideas and style that’s important. I used the popular fantasy stories as a starting point and invented my own little world. I created a Garden of Curiosities.

For the final piece, my aim was to demonstrate my illustration and pattern skills, because these are my strengths, and aspects of design that I’m very passionate about.

Global Talent Search 2016


I spent approximately half a day scribbling down words and doodling images associated with ‘tea’. I soon came up with a whole range of creatures and developed them, making up new characters as I went along.



For the brief, I kept an open mind and decided to draw on used envelopes that I had lying in a pile in my studio. Sometimes, drawing in a sketch book can make me feel anxious and precious about my work, so drawing on old envelopes helps to loosen me up and be more experimental with what materials I wanted to use.





Here are a few more pages of character drawings. I drew animals that I found around the internet, and then altered them to fit my piece – you tend not to see Victorian ladies with zebra bodies and legs! Others were drawn from memory i.e. wasp and bunny.



I painted the tea cup using watercolour, as I love the fluid lines made from the paintbrush. For finer lines, I used a marker pen. Then I pasted some of the animal characters, positioning them so they’d appear large in scale on the crockery. Here’s my first idea. I’m unsure about how shape of the teacup in this image.



This teacup is a much better shape. I’ve lengthened the actual teacup shape and decided to add more icons, filling up most of the cup surface area.



I chose to have a large image on the saucer, placing characters & icons around the teacup and all over pattern on the napkin. Here is a quick doodle of the pattern. I positioned each icon so the surface area is mainly filled, with equal spacing.



Here is my final tea-set design. I also designed a teapot to go with the collection. All are large in scale, with parts of the green garden background showing. I created the title ‘Garden of Curiosities’ using a stylised font, that sits well with the overall fantasy theme. It stands out, but not too much, as I didn’t want to take away the attention from the other elements.

I am happy with my design and I’d like to design more characters, which would look cool positioned on other products; tea storage containers, dinner plates and biscuit tins for example.



More tea Miss?


Thanks for stopping by!

Emma Jayne x




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