Halloween cake recipe





I love cake, nearly any cake, and for this week’s Foliofocus brief, we were asked to illustrate a recipe to celebrate the Fall (Autumn). For this, I decided to illustrate a family favourite cake recipe, which I used to bake with my grandmother when I was a little girl. It is a delicious, Halloween cake recipe.

Every Sunday, my sisters and I would visit my grandparents and with my grandmother, we’d bake lots of different type of cakes. One of my favourites and I’m sure my sisters would agree with me, was the black treacle parkin. It’s so yummy and I remember that I would make a huge slab and carefully take it home, wrapped in two layers of tin foil, to share with the rest of the family. It was such a treat, either eaten warm with vanilla custard or toffee flavoured ice-cream. Mmmm…

Here are some of my initial drawings. I started off by doodling in pencil, then finished off the artwork using PhotoShop. I tend to work traditionally, however this time, I wanted to create most of the illustration digitally. I thought I’d give it a go and see how I felt about creating a digital piece. As it turns out, I’m pretty happy with my final, Halloween cake recipe illustration. It can now be seen on They Draw and Cook.


Halloween cake recipe





I wanted my design to have cute, Halloween characters and I hand drew these for the main text. I kept to a softer colour scheme using pastel shades with black for contrast.

Here is my final ‘Spooky Treacle Parkin’ design. I hope you like it!




Happy Halloween!

Emma Jayne x