Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween! Halloween is only tomorrow, so today makes it Halloween Eve!

I don’t remember having carved out pumpkins, when I was a wee girl, but my daughter and I do it now and find it fun!

Regarding memories, trick or treating was great, however I have clearer memories of bonfire night. Halloween and Guy Fawkes (bonfire night) seem to have morphed into one celebration now.ย I recall wearing a thick, padded coat and woollen mittens, knocking on people’s doors, singing bonfire songs. My sisters and I had a jar where we’d collect money for fireworks (penny for the guy), for the local bonfire event. We made a guy from old tights and newspaper, and dressed it in my mother’s unused clothes. The fire was built on the field at the end of the street, using anything people gave to us. Those things included, old dining room chairs, wooden beer crates and doors, as well as twigs and logs. Fond memories….

I’d like to share with you a few Halloween pieces I’ve created.


Happy Halloween!

The forest pieces I think will be great for editorial and children’s books.


This illustration I think will be great for Halloween products, including children’s books and apparel.


The large pumpkin creatively carved by my daughter.


Have a fun Halloween!

Emma Jayne x

*Please refrain from using the above artwork. If sharing, please credit the artist Emma Jayne. Thank and you!


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